Free Settler or Felon?
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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
62687 Yates (Yeates) John Eliza 1820 1825 9 June Newcastle SG
Aged 24; Native of Lithgow; 5'6"; hazel eyes, light brown hair, fair sallow complexion; absconded from James Mudie

181252 Yates (Yeates) John Eliza 1820 8 June 1825 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Patrick Dunn, John Yates and Thomas Head, all in the service of James Mudie, charged with absconding from their masters service and taking to the bush. Mr. Mudie states....Patrick Dunn is a very troublesome character. I have reason to think he has corrupted my other servants and instigated them to misconduct. Patrick Dunn sentenced to 75 lashes and to be sent to Port Macquarie for two years. Yates and Head sentenced to 50 lashes

149552 Yeates John Eliza 1820 1823 9 September Newcastle CSI
Permitted to travel to Newcastle per "Mermaid" (Reel 6011; 4/3509 p.212)

149553 Yeates (Yates) John Eliza 1820 1825 June Newcastle CSI
On monthly return of prisoners punished at Newcastle