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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
112915 Wixtead (Wicksted) (Wixted) (Wixstead) Corporal John - 1789 2 March Port Jackson Court of Criminal Jurisdiction, Minutes of Proceedings, SR NSW 1147A (Decisions of the Superior Courts of NSW
Corporal of Marines. Witness at the trial of James Plowman

77137 Wixtead (Wixstead) Corporal John - 1801 July - HR NSW. Vol. IV. Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802. Ed by F. M. Bladen. pp. 428 - 429
Sent by Gov. King with 5 privates to form post at the entrance to Hunter River

167841 Wixtead (Wixstead) Corporal John Alexander 1788 1789 - Moore, John, The First Fleet Marines 1789 - 1792. University of Queensland Press, 1987. p 159
Extract from 'The First Fleet Marines' by John Moore.....The most common offence amongst marines was stealing, though the first instance recorded did not occur till 2 March 1789 when Corp. James Plowman was charged with stealing a short from Private Edward Odgers. Convicts Amelia Levy and Elizabeth Fowles gave evidence that they had been offered a shirt to spend the night with Plowman and Corporal John Wixstead. Wixstead rejected the accusation, but even so was reduced in rank and Private William Goodall was promoted corporal in his stead.

167840 Wixtead (Wixstead) John - 6 April 1798 - Colonial Secretary's Papers. NRS 898 Special bundles. Item 9/2731 page 98
On List of grants and leases of land registered in the Colonial Secretarys Office 260 acres on the banks of the George's river in the district of Banks Town

77144 Wixtead (Wixstead) (Wextead) Corporal John - 1801 November Coal River HR NSW, Mr. M. Mason to Governor King (King Papers), vol. IV, p. 627
On duty at the Coal River. The woman he brought with given permission to stay

167843 Wixtead (Wixstead) (Winstead) Corporal John Alexander 1788 1788 - Australia's Red Coat Settlers site
1st Royal Marines - Corporal John Winstead (also Wixtead).

77335 Wixtead (Wixted) (Wextead) (Wixstead) John - 1809 5 March Newcastle SG
John Wixted on the list of persons Granted approval to hold a License at Newcastle

168021 Wixted (Wixtead) John - 1810 Sydney Marriage Index (Ancestry)
Marriage of John Wixted and Ann Price