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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
150342 Crawford (nee Wiseman) Mary - 1868 3 June Millfield Australian Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records
Marriage of James Crawford (b. 1840 in Maitland, son of Thomas Crawford and Mary Wiseman) and Sarah Eliza Sneden (b. 1847 in Maitland, dau. of James Robert Sneden and Susan Swan)

87279 Jemmy and Richard Wiseman (Indigenous) - - 27 December 1851 West Maitland Maitland Mercury
Natives of the Sugarloaf tribe apprehended for the murder of Jackey. Discharged

102229 McCormick (Wiseman) Mary Diana 1833 1833 Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle
Marriage of John Wiseman aged 52 and Mary McCormick aged 50

4557 Wiseman - - 1842 19 March East Maitland HRG
Opened butchering establishment at East & West Maitland and Morpeth

6131 Wiseman - - 1832 Frog Hollow 1832 Directory N.S.W.

7026 Wiseman - - 1843 25 March Maitland MM
Action taken against Livingston on promises for goods bargained for . Damages 69

34295 Wiseman - - 1819 19 March Newcastle CSI
Master of the 'Mary'. Accused by Henry Burton of taking two cedar logs from Newcastle

130460 Wiseman - - 1839 16 December Jerrys Plains SH
Wife gave birth to a daughter

98233 Wiseman Andrew - 1853 5 March Wollombi MM
Contributed to Testimonial to Rev. Whinfield

141706 Wiseman Andrew - 1867 Glencoe Baillier's Post Office Directory p.46

21361 Wiseman Captain - 1846 11 April - MM
William IV Steamer

60025 Wiseman Captain - 1849 1 December Newcastle MM
Captain of the steamer 'Phoenix'. Rescued the 'Lady Clarke' from the reef off Nobbys. Received 20 reward

95112 Wiseman Captain - 1852 6 October - MM
300 guineas presented to Captain Wiseman from the proceeds of the sale of the Clarence Steamer

182607 Wiseman Constable John - 5 January 1833 Invermein Invermein Court of Petty Sessions. Deposition Books 1833 -1834 (Ancestry)
Charles Dix, per ship Isabella, assigned to John Bingle, charged with leaving his station without permission. John Bingle states that about three weeks ago the prisoner came down from his station without permission stating that he wanted a shirt when he had been furnished with a shirt only two months before and likewise a pair of trousers and subsequently a pair of shoes and a frock. The prisoner came into my service about the month of May. The prisoner reported himself sick to the sheep overseer and said that a cart must go up to the station for him.....John Tuckey, states - I am sheep overseer to Mr. John Bingle. The prisoner left his station without permission about a month ago, about a fortnight ago when I was at the station he reported himself so sick that it was necessary a cart should go up and bring him down. I then told him to come down, he said he could not walk. I then said he must wait until a dray could bring him. He however, did not wait but started by himself and came the first day as far as Mr Coxens, not less than ten miles, and the next day came home to the farm....John Wiseman, constable stated that on Saturday last after being at court the prisoner went home the same day Mr. Bingle ordered me to take the prisoner in charge and desired me to observe how he walked. I did so, he kept up with me at the rate of three miles an hour and except that he walked with his legs wide apart, he walked as well as I could. The prisoner in his defence states he has been twice out for the gravel and is still affected with that complaint and that is the reason he cannot work.....The Bench are of opinion that he disobeyed orders by leaving his station without permission and although he had the complaint of which he complains, not to such an extent as he states. The Bench find Charles Dix guilty and sentence him to 14 days solitary confinement in the cells at Newcastle and to be returned to his master, being in the first instance taken to the surgeon for examination

182703 Wiseman Constable John - 16 February 1833 Invermein Invermein Court of Petty Sessions. Deposition Books 1833 -1834 (Ancestry)
Joseph Pollock per ship Marquis of Huntley, assigned to William Dangar, charged with being absent from his station....John Wiseman, constable states - Last Thursday week I was in Robert Saltwell s hut on Capt. Dumaresq s estate when the prisoner came out of the corn and came into the said hut. I asked him if he had been to Mr. Buttons and he told me he had not. I asked him where he had been and he said it was no business of mine. I asked him if he had seen anything of Mr. Camerons man, he said he saw him one evening standing against the stockyard when he was milking the cow. I told him I wished I could see him. He told me he would go home and grind him a peck of wheat and give him 7lbs of meat and send him over the mountain sooner than I should see him. He told me when I went for him yesterday that he had seen Mr. Camerons man go past his hut door last Sunday evening....The prisoner states in his defence that on his return from the station he went to Capt. Dumaresqs overseer and asked for Robert Saltwell. He told me he was in the hut by the brook and I went down to pay him for a hog which I had bought of him...The Bench find the prisoner guilty of leaving his station and of being insolent to the constable and sentence him to receive thirty six lashes

182967 Wiseman Constable John - 15 May 1833 Invermein Invermein Court of Petty Sessions. Deposition Books 1833 -1834 (Ancestry)
James Thompson, free by servitude, charged with offering a horse for sale not his own property. John Wiseman, constable, states - I found the prisoner offering a horse for sale which I knew to be the property of Mr. Archibald Bell and I therefore took him in charge. The prisoner states in his defence that he was tipsy and that he did not sell the horse. The Bench admonish him to be more cautious and dismiss the case

64903 Wiseman Constable John Larkins 1817 1832 2 February Invermein SG
Appointed constable and scourger

149299 Wiseman Cordelia (Delia) - 1916 19 February Branxton General Cemetery Australian Cemeteries Index
Wife of John. nee Hollands. Died aged 73

127708 Wiseman Edward Dickey - 1862 12 December Campbells Hill Burial Ground Maitland Burial Records
Died age 25

98236 Wiseman Elizabeth J - 1853 5 March Wollombi MM
Contributed to Testimonial to Rev. Whinfield

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