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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
35401 Whitmore Robert - 1828 Mt. Pleasant 1828 Census
John Whittaker per 'Mangles' assigned servant

43540 Whitmore Robert - 1828 Mt. Pleasant, Patterson's Plains 1828 Census
Michael Connolly per 'Southworth' employed by Whitmore

45932 Whitmore Robert - 1828 Mt. Pleasant, Patterson's Plains 1828 Census
Patrick Cunningham per 'Daphne' assigned servant

46546 Whitmore Robert - 1828 Mt. Pleasant, Patterson's Plains 1828 Census
Daniel Donovan per 'Prince Regent', labourer, assigned servant

51623 Whitmore Robert - 1828 Mt. Pleasant 1828 Census
John Fowley per 'Mangles' , labourer employed by Whitmore

61182 Whitmore Robert - 1811 16 February - SG
late Master of the 'Chance' hawkesbury vessel. Sentenced to 7 yrs transportation for having opened 5 casks of salted pork and stolen part of the contents

63652 Whitmore Robert - 1827 14 September Hunter River The Australian
Runaway Michael Reilly shot and killed by Marmaduke Burrows near Whitmore's farm

63990 Whitmore Robert - 1829 1 September Patterson's Plains SG
Patrick Byrne found not guilty of stealing clothing belonging to Whitmore

147895 Whitmore Robert - 1825 9 November County of Durham, Parish of Uffington Index to map of the country bordering upon the River Hunter... by Henry Dangar (London : Joseph Cross, 1828). p13
Granted 100 acres of land. Annual quit rent 15s

147896 Whitmore Robert - 1811 9 February Hawkesbury SG
Master of the vessel 'Chance' Committed for trial after being accused by Henry Kable junior of having embezzled 280lbs of salt port out of 6 casks that were put on board on freight and taken to the Hawkesbury, where the deficit was discovered

147897 Whitmore Robert - 1828 30 August Patterson's Plains Sydney Monitor
Giving notice that he intended to apply to the Supreme Court for letters of Administration to the Estate and effects of the late Thomas Addison

147899 Whitmore Robert - 1833 6 June Patterson's Plains SH
600 acres at Patterson's Plains 'lately rented to Robert Whitmore' advertised for sale

160674 Whitmore Robert - 1822 1 July Christ Church, Newcastle Church of England Marriage Register Book 1818 - 1825. University of Newcastle
No. 21. Marriage of Robert Whitmore of Pattersons Plains to Margaret Greewood of Newcastle. Witnesses Thomas Addison and Jane England. Minister Rev. G.A. Middleton

163082 Whitmore Robert - 1823/24/25 near Newcastle General Muster of New South Wales 1823, 1824, 1825
James Cohen per 'Guildford' assigned servant

170545 Whitmore Robert - 1825 Newcastle district New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters. Class: HO 10; Piece: 19
John Lloyd per Lord Sidmouth assigned servant

17154 Whitmore Robert Royal Admiral 1792 1815 27 October Newcastle CSI
Pilot at Newcastle when the 'Estramina' ran aground

17155 Whitmore Robert Royal Admiral 1792 1818 Paterson -
Given grant of land on Hunter River after his efforts at salvage work on the 'Estramina' in 1817

30385 Whitmore Robert Royal Admiral 1792 1823 18 February Patterson Plains CSI
On return of land cleared and other improvements made by settlers

30386 Whitmore Robert Royal Admiral 1792 1822 Newcastle Convict Index
Wife Martha (Margaret) Greenwood granted certificate of freedom (married in 1822)

91778 Whitmore Robert Royal Admiral 1792 1837 26 November Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Burials p26
Free Pauper. Died aged 74 at Newcastle Hospital. Burial date

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