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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
58333 Welch Dr. Robert Porter - 1849 19 September Murrurundi MM
Selling 150 fine woolled rams at Doughboy Hollow Station. Surgeon

58670 Welch Dr. Robert Porter - 1849 26 September Doughboy Hollow MM
Selling 150 fine woolled rams

55950 Welch Robert Porter - 1849 23 June Murrurundi MM
Offering sureties for auctioneer Joseph Elford

73678 Welch Robert Porter - 1850 17 April Murrurundi MM
Surgeon. Advertising first rate rams at the Doughboy Hollow Station

82092 Welch Robert Porter - 1851 22 February Murrurundi MM
Surgeon. Advertising pianoforte, guitar, gig etc for sale

88348 Welch Robert Porter - 1841 13 February - FP
Correspondence to the Free Press regarding Belladona as a treatment for scarlet fever

94331 Welch Robert Porter - 1852 8 September West Maitland MM
George Yeomans granted permission to transfer license of the Northumberland Hotel to Robert Porter Welch

95126 Welch Robert Porter - 1852 6 October Maitland MM
Left Sydney with the intention of opening a Medical Dispensary. Considerable quantity of Drugs Chemicals, Apothecaries' Medicines open for inspection and sale at the Northumberland Hotel

96735 Welch Robert Porter - 1852 22 December Maitland MM
Charged with committing a breach of the Licensing Act by keeping his house open after 10 oclock. Case dismissed

97515 Welch Robert Porter - 1853 19 February West Maitland MM
Cautioning against removing earth from the Glebe paddock adjoining the Northumberland hotel

98658 Welch Robert Porter - 1853 19 March Maitland MM
Offering reward for apprehension of Ti Boon

99077 Welch Robert Porter - 1853 13 April Maitland MM
Employee Ti Boon sentenced to 14 days imprisonment and returned to service

99179 Welch Robert Porter - 1853 20 April West Maitland MM
Granted publican's license for the Northumberland Hotel - a night license was also granted to this house

99774 Welch Robert Porter - 1853 7 May Maitland MM
Fined 20s for assaulting a Chinese man 'Swang' by beating him with a whip

125602 Welch Robert Porter - 1844 23 July Sydney GG
Insolvency proceedings of Robert Porter Welch and Ambrose Eldridge of King Street Sydney, chemists and druggists, lately trading as 'Welch and Eldridge'

125603 Welch Robert Porter - 1844 9 February Sydney SMH
Qualified Medical Witness at Coroner's Inquests and Inquiries held before JPs

125604 Welch Robert Porter - 1840 19 June King Street Sydney SH
Lately surgeon to the Taunton and Somerset Hospital. Correspondence to recent emigrants advocating the formation of the 'West of England Emigrant Association'

125605 Welch Robert Porter - 1844 27 June - SMH
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London, Licentiate of the Apothecaries Hall, Member of the University of Heidelberg and of the London College of Medicine. Presented a petition requesting an enquiry into the state of the law relating to the medical profession esp regarding unqualified persons practising and also in regards to midwives

125606 Welch Robert Porter - 1845 16 April Sydney SMH
Witness at the trial of Aaron Gainsborg

125607 Welch Robert Porter - 1844 7 September Sydney SMH
Gave evidence at the inequest into the death of Stephen Coxen who died after taking poison

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