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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
63908 Wellman (Welman) Captain Harvey - 1829 12 August Port Stephens The Australian
of 57th regiment. Daughter(wife of Liet. Bates) gave birth to a son.

125268 Welman Captain Harvey - 1830 16 February Maitland Maitland Quarter Sessions
57th Regiment. Jury member Maitland Quarter Sessions

176891 Welman Captain Harvey - 15 October 1828 St. Philip Church, Sydney SG
Married - On Saturday, 11th October, by Rev. William Cowper, William Bate, Esq., Lieut. H.M. 57th regiment to Mary, second daughter of Captain Welman of the 57th regt

176892 Welman Captain Harvey - 13 April 1830 Sydney SG
Three serjeants and sixty rank and file of the 57th regt are about to proceed to Hobart under the command of Captain Welman by the brig Governor Phillip. They are to be stationed there for a short period and then go forward to India. Captain W s departure will be regretted by a large circle of respectable acquaintances

176893 Welman Captain Harvey - 13 November 1830 12 Kent St, Sydney SG
A seminary for young ladies at 12 Kent Street Sydney, the late residence of Captain Welman - Mrs. Fisk, the widow of the late Captain Fitz, begs to inform her friends and the public that she will open a day school for the instruction of young ladies in reading, writing and arithmetic and needle work etc

176897 Welman Major Harvey - 20 Octobeer 1842 Launceston Launceston Advertiser
Major Welman who left this town about six years since for Sydney and proceeded thence to India, arrived here from Port Philip in the Scout on Monday. The Madras Spectator of the 25th May speaks thus of the Majors service in the army.....Major Welman late of H.M 57th regt has taken his departure in the Appellon which sailed yesterday for Pondecherry and having now taken leave of the army after 40 years service, intends we believe settling with his family in NSW. The Major is an old Peninsular Officer; he was present at the battles of Roleis, Vimiera the memorable retreat of Sir John Moore, and the glorious battle of Corunna. He was also present at the seiges of Sarragossa and San Sebastian. At an earlier period the served with the memorable and ill fated Walcheren expedition

176862 Welman (Wellman) Captain Harvey - March 1842 - The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany Volume 37
57th foot (at Madras). Capt. John Armstrong from h.p. 99th foot to be capt. vice Welman promoted

176861 Welman (Wellman) Harvey - August 1830 Sydney Asiatic Journal
At Sydney. W.W.H. Benson Esq., Lieut in H.M. 57th regt. only son of the late Archdeacon Benson of Ballybrod and Emly, co. of Limerick, to Margaret eldest daughter of Harvey Welman Esq., captain in the above corps

176863 Welman (Wellman) Major Harvey - 30 April 1835 St. Johns Church Launceston Launceston Advertiser
Married, on 25th inst by Rev. W.H. Browne, Thomas Mason Esq., Police Magistrate at New Norfolk to Abigail third daughter of Major Harvey Welman H.M. 57th regt

176864 Welman (Wellman) Major Harvey - 13 September 1836 Launceston The Australian
Harvey Welman of the Customs in Launceston and son of Major Welman of the 57th regiment appointed to an Ensigncy without purchase in the 17th foot. The 17th are at Sydney but under orders for India (Launceston Advertiser)

176865 Welman (Wellman) Major Harvey - 17 May 1842 - Colonial Times Hobart
Major Harvey Welman, half pay unattached, has been allowed to retire from the army with the sale of his commission he being about to become a settler in NSW

176866 Welman (Wellman) Major Harvey - 5 June 1847 Launceston Launceston Examiner
Married at Trinity Church Launceston on the 29th May, Owen Florence Louis Ward, Captain in H.M. 11th regt., and only son of James Ward of Willey Place, Farnham Surrey to Annie Alice, 5th daughter of Major Harvey Welman late 57th regt