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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
127410 Walsh Mary (Catherine) Pyramus 1836 1840 18 November Newcastle GG
Cook (professed) aged 44 from Dublin. 5ft 2 in. Brown and pockpitted complexion, brown to grey hair, grey eyes, two front upper teeth projecting, scar outside left elbow, little finger of right hand crooked, Absconded from William Brooks 13 November

168347 Walsh Mary Ann Pyramus 1836 1841 Newcastle Newcastle Gaol Description Books 1841 - 1848. Roll 759. Page 6
Born 1815. 4ft 9 1/2in. Stout build, ruddy complexion. Admitted to Newcastle gaol

170837 Walsh Mary Ann Pyramus 1836 23 March 1841 Newcastle gaol Gaol Entrance Books. State Archives NSW; Item: 2/2020; Roll: 757 Ancestry
Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Newcastle district for absconding. Sentenced to 20 days in the cells and to be returned to government service

179586 Walsh Mary Ann Pyramus 1836 27 June 1840 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW. Roll 136
Housemaid from Waterford. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Newcastle. Returned to govt. service.

117574 Walsh (alias McCarthy) Mary Pyramus 1836 1839 30 March Port Stephens GG 1839
Housemaid aged 23 from Waterford. 4'9", ruddy complexion, dark brown hair, grey eyes, blue scar back of middle finger of left hand, little finger of same contracted. Absconded from Major North 23 March

122359 Walsh (alias McCarthy) Mary Pyramus 1836 1842 23 September Glendon Farm. Newcastle GG
Aged 26. Absconded from W.B. Fenwick

163788 Walsh (alias McCarthy) Mary Pyramus 1836 28 July 1842 Newcastle Application to Marry
Stephen Phillips per 'York' aged 49, application to marry Mary Walsh aged 26 arrived per Pyramus. Disallowed