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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
77474 Wallis Captain James - 1816 11 May Appin/ Cow Pastures SG
On a punitive exercise against hostile natives in the Appin district on 17 April killed 14 natives and took 2 women and 3 children prisoners. An effort to 'restrain outrages and recurrence of barbarities by the natives'. Commended for his 'humanity in the discharge of his unpleasant duties'

77475 Wallis Captain James - 1816 1 June Newcastle SG
46th Regiment.Appointed Commandant and Magistrate at Newcastle

104946 Wallis Captain James - 1819 9 January Newcastle SG
46th regt., Returned to Sydney on the brig Elizabeth Henrietta. Late Commandant of Newcastle. Succeeded in the command by Captain Morisett of the 48thregt

109399 Wallis Captain James - 1816 April Appin CSI
Thomas Noble on list of guides employed with Captains Schaw and Wallis. Noble commended for assistance given during expedition against hostile natives

183245 Wallis Captain James - 5 December 1818 Newcastle Sydney Gazette
To the Editor of the Sydney Gazette SIR, In my letter to you from Newcastle, dated 5th Aug. last, and inserted in the Gazette on the 15th of the same month, I omitted one particular which I now think ought not to pass unnoticed, as it is an article of information which I conceive may not be unacceptable to some persons of the present age, and may perhaps be interesting even to future generations : it is this - the first stone of the Church at Newcastle was laid by the Commandant, Captain James Wallis, of H. M. 46th Regt. on the 1st January 1817, and on the Christmas Day next following, the said Officer having assembled the people for Public Worship, read to them the Divine Service

15467 Wallis Captain James General Hewit 1814 1816 Newcastle -
46th Regiment. Commandant at Newcastle 1816-1818

77408 Wallis James - 1812 1 August Newcastle SG
Drowned when the vessel 'Boyd' was wrecked near Newcastle

167483 Wallis James Lord Eldon 1817 14 March 1818 Newcastle Colonial Secretarys Papers. Copies of Letters Sent within the Colony. Correspondence to Commandant James Wallis
On a list of 35 prisoners to be sent to Newcastle penal settlement on the Lady Nelson. In correspondence to the Commandant he was described - as being bred up as an officer in the Navy, but whose pretensions to any thing like the character of Gentleman are certainly on as low a scale as any of those with whom his crimes have destined him now to associate. This young man who only arrived here per the Lord Eldon on the 30th of September last and who had on account of his former rank been immediately indulged with a Ticket of Leave has been busily employed almost from the day of his arrival in forming plots for the cutting out different vessels from the Harbour. In two cases it has been ascertained that he was the ring leader of a gang of pirates who were prepared to effect their purposes by the most sanguinary means. From all these circumstances the Governor desires that you will cause this man to be strictly observed and that he be wrought in irons

127604 Wallis Lieutenant James (Captain) - 1805 Dominica The Gentleman's Magazine. Volume 75, part 1
Commended for his bravery at the port of Cachecrow. 46th regiment

166405 Wallis Lieutenant James (Captain) - 1 March 1805 Dominica Cobbett's Political Register (Google Books)
I cannot pass unnoticed the very soldier like conduct of Lieutenant Wallis of the 46th regiment, to whom I had entrusted the post of Cachecrow, or Scotshead; perceiving our retreat, he spiked his guns. destroyed his ammunition and immediately commenced his march to join me at Prince Rupert's, with his detachment...nor that of Lieutenant Shaw, of the same regiment, who acted as an officer of artillery, and behaved with uncommon coolness and judgement whilst on the battery, and great presence of mind in securing the retreat of the additional gunners belonging to the 46th regiment..I have the honour to be etc. ..George Prevost.

166406 Wallis Major James (Captain) - 26 July 1858 Cheltenham The Morning Chronicle
On the 12th inst., at his residence, Presbury-green near Cheltenham, Major James Wallis late H.M. 46th regiment age 76

166407 Wallis Major James (Captain) - 1851 Isle of Man 1851 Census
James Wallis resided at the Isle of Man in 1851. He gave his age as 65 and occupation as late Major of 46th regiment of foot. His place of birth Ireland. His wife Mary Ann resided with him. She was 47 and gave her place of birth as England. They employed three Irish servants and Major Wallis' nephew Alexander Taylor age 30 a Captain of the 9th regiment resided with them...Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 2525; Folio: 29; Page: 9; GSU roll: 105992-105996. Source Information: 1851 Isle of Man Census