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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
4143 Travers Patrick - 1842 5 February - HRG
EAST MAITLAND Patrick Travers and William O’Donnell, prisoners of the Crown, assigned to Beresford Hudson, were charged, the former with absconding from his master’s service, and the latter with harbouring him. The circumstances brought out in the evidence were the following : - William Dunn, a prisoner of the Crown assigned to Mr. Hazard, but employed by Mr. Hudson, reported to the latter gentleman that Travers was harboured by O’Donnell, and that he had heard them in the night of Tuesday last planning a robbery on the premises of a person residing on the Patterson; they accordingly went on the night in question for the purpose which they had concerted and returned a little before daybreak on Thursday morning. In the meantime Mr. Hazard, who had been informed of their absence, called frequently at the hut during the night to ascertain the period of their return, but without effect, until about daybreak, when on again visiting the premises he found the prisoners inside; Travers in the first instance gave himself up, but afterwards seized an opportunity and bolted into the bush. Mr. Hazard upon this discharged his musket and hit him in the arm; he escaped at the time however, but was subsequently during the same day apprehended by two constables between twelve and one, in a hut on the road leading to Mr. Hudson’s farm. The prisoners made no available defence and were sentenced to be worked in irons for a period of twelve months, and thereafter to be returned to their service - Travers is to be sent to hospital until his recovery

121637 Travers Patrick Roslin Castle 1833 1842 11 March Maitland GG
Apprehended after absconding from Beresford Hudson

121639 Travers Patrick Roslin Castle 1833 1833 11 April - SG
Labourer. Assigned to Captain Dobson (?Hudson)

162949 Travers Patrick Roslin Castle 1833 1833 - AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 684
Age 22. Labourer from Co. Kildare. Tried 17 March 1832 and sentenced to transportation for life for highway robbery. With Sir Thomas Mitchell's Exploring Party

162950 Travers Patrick Roslin Castle 1833 1848 - Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia
SIR T. L. MITCHELL, Kt., Surveyor General, Chief of the Expedition. EDMUND B. KENNEDY, Esq. Assistant Surveyor, Second in command. W. STEPHENSON, M.R.C.S.L. Surgeon and Collector of objects of Natural History. PETER M'AVOY, Mounted Videttes. Charles Niblett, William Graham, ANTHONY BROWN, Tent-keeper. WILLIAM BALDOCK, In charge of the horses. John Waugh Drysdale, Store-keeper. Allan Bond, Bullock-drivers. Edward Taylor, William Bond, William Mortimer, George Allcot, John Slater, Richard Horton, Felix Maguire, James Stephens, Carpenters. Job Stanley, Edward Wilson, Blacksmith. George Fowkes, Shoemaker. John Douglas, Barometer carrier. Isaac Reid, Sailor and Chainman. Andrew Higgs, Chainman. William Hunter, With the horses. Thomas Smith, Patrick Travers, Carter and Pioneer. Douglas Arnott, Shepherd and Butcher. Arthur Bristol, Sailmaker and Sailor.

162951 Travers Patrick Roslin Castle 1833 11 September 1848 - SMH
Granted Conditional Pardon

136826 Trevor (Travers) Patrick Roslin Castle 1833 1837 Paterson GRC
Age 24. Assigned to J. Hudson