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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
106772 Tighe Master Robert - 1844 29 June Newcastle MM
From a report by Rev. Wilton - "Master Robert Tighe also is deserving of a reward. His writing for a boy of his tender age, is very good, and in his replies to the questions in English grammar he shewed that he had been paying attention to the instructions that had been given him"

10360 Tighe Robert - 1844 9 March Newcastle MM
of Union Hotel. Died aged 46 leaving a large family.

10500 Tighe Robert - 1841 Newcastle District 1841 Census Index
Hunter Street, Newcastle 21

16310 Tighe Robert - 1840 Newcastle PR
Chief constable. Daughter Maria born

28144 Tighe Robert - 1844 5 March Newcastle Historical Records of Newcastle
Died 5 March 1844. Buried in Christ Church Burial ground

30247 Tighe Robert - 1839 Newcastle Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary
Chief Constable

56272 Tighe Robert - 1844 9 March Newcastle MM
Funeral expected to have large attendance as he was highly regarded in the town

102475 Tighe Robert - 1841 24 April Clarencetown SG
Purchased town allotment

107485 Tighe Robert - 1844 7 March Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Burials p13
Innkeeper. Died aged 46. Burial date

120219 Tighe Robert - 1841 9 April Maitland GG
Title Deeds to town allotment dated 30th January 1841

122089 Tighe Robert - 1844 11 March Newcastle SMH
Of the Union Inn, Newcastle. Died on Tuesday morning at 5.05 am 5th March after a long and painful illness, leaving a wife and seven children

123855 Tighe Robert - 1859 13 July Newcastle Cathedral SMH
Marriage of C.H. Hannell and Phoebe Maria, youngest daughter of the late Robert Tighe on 2nd June. Officiating minister Rev. E.K. Yeatman

124133 Tighe Robert - 1857 17 July Newcastle Cathedral SMH
Marriage of William A. Sparke and Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Robert Tighe on 23 June. Minister Rev. Canon Wilton

135282 Tighe Robert - 1854 4 February Newcastle MM
Signed address to Dr. Bowker on the occasion of Bowker's return to England

140671 Tighe Robert - 1841 15 April Maitland SH
Discharged Soldiers' Purchases under the Regulations of 15th Feb 1840 - Robert Tighe, 2 lots at Maitland

178150 Tighe Robert - 2 November 1839 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW. Roll 136
Ann Phillips per Numa assigned to Robert Tighe

125184 Tighe Robert and Sarah - 1857 23 June Christ Church Cathedral Newcatle Marriages Register Book of Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle 1858 - 1868
Sergeant of the 28th regiment. Marriage of daughter Elizabeth Tighe and William Andrew Sparke, farmer of Hexham

127980 Tighe Robert and Sarah - 1859 2 June Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle Marriages Register Book of Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle 1858 - 1868 p16
rriage of Clarence Hewson Hannell, son of James and Maria Ann Hannell and Phoebe Maria Tighe, daughter of Robert and Sarah Tighe. Witnesses James Hannell and Atkinson Tighe

144007 Tighe Robert and Sarah - 1841 21 November Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p. 6
Baptism of Charles Alexander Melins, son of Robert and Sarah Tighe

173796 Tighe Robert and Sarah - 19 March 1902 Christ Church Burial Ground, Newcastle NMH
A handsome monument was erected years ago in memory of the Tighe family. From the records on the memorial it is learned that Robert Tighe died March 5, 1844 aged 46 and also Ann MacNamara, his mother in law 1850 and Sarah, wife of the above who died January 1853. Aged 48....Mr. Robert Tighe was a contemporary of Mr. Simon Kemp, and a well known figure in the early history of Newcastle. His son Mr. A.A. P. Tighe represented Northumberland in the State Parliament for some years and a daughter if Mrs. C.H. Hannell

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