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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
145953 Tighe Alexander Atkinson Patrick - 1873 7 August Newcastle MM
Coroner for the district of Newcastle. Witness at the trial of Henry Hough

58793 Tighe Atkinson - 1849 3 October Newcastle MM
To attend dinner at Farquharson's Hotel in honour of J.H. Crummer prior to his departure from the district

98000 Tighe Atkinson - 1853 26 February Newcastle MM
Advertising to employ a butcher

112759 Tighe Atkinson - 1854 11 March Newcastle MM
Registered Spirit Merchant

127981 Tighe Atkinson - 1859 2 June Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle Marriages Register Book of Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle 1858 - 1868 p16
rriage of Clarence Hewson Hannell, son of James and Maria Ann Hannell and Phoebe Maria Tighe, daughter of Robert and Sarah Tighe. Witnesses James Hannell and Atkinson Tighe

135277 Tighe Atkinson - 1854 4 February Newcastle MM
Signed address to Dr. Bowker on the occasion of Bowker's return to England

146152 Tighe Atkinson A.P - 1875 23 January Newcastle SMH
Atkinson Tighe and Cranmer Kenrick appointed to be additional District Trustees of the Newcastle branch of the Savings Bank of NSW

121080 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1864 Northumberland; Woodstock Terrace, Paddington Australian Almanac
Legislative Assembly member with Town and Country Address

127983 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1861 10 May Maitland Quarter Sessions SMH
Found not guilty of committing a public nuisance by slaughtering cattle, boiling down offal, and keeping pigs in the neighbourhood of the public highway at Newcastle

127986 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1870 21 September Newcastle SMH
Savings Bank Trustee

127988 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1870 10 September Newcastle SMH
Wife gave birth to a daughter 5th September

127989 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1874 1 August Waratah SMH
Appointed Police Magistrate and Clerk of Petty Sessions at Waratah

145949 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1926 10 November Sylvania SMH
Death of William Tighe aged 55 years. Son of Atkinson A.P. Tighe after whom Tighe's Hill in Newcastle was named

145950 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1877 1 January Waratah SMH
Death of Amy, the younges daughter of Atkinson Tighe on 19 December 1876 aged 12 months

145952 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1868 31 October - SMH
Resigned seat on the Executive council

145957 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1862 23 December Newcastle SMH
Nominated as candidate for the representation of the County of Northumberland in the Legislative Assembly by Dr. Bowker

145958 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1905 14 June Sydney SMH
Obituary. Died aged 79 leaving a widow, 3 sons and 4 daughters. Father was an officer in the British army and was attached to a hospital ship off the island of Corfu when Atkinson was born. One of the first directors of the Hetton Colliery, magistrate at Waratah, member of the Legislative Assembly. Mrs Tighe was formerly Miss Grove of Newcastle. Sons William, Arthur, Henry. Daughters Mrs. Angus & Mrs. Cornish

174661 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1855 Leasehold, Hunter St. Newcastle NMH
On a list of electors in the police district of Newcastle who had the right to vote for elections in the county of Northumberland in 1855. Printed in the Newcastle Morning Herald 19 July 1911

145942 Tighe Atkinson Alfred Patrick and Annabella - 1860 15 July Abode: Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms. p.80
Baptism of daughter Ada

145945 Tighe Mrs. Atkinson Alfred Patrick - 1860 12 June At her residence, Bolton St. Newcastle MM
Gave birth to a daughter on 8th June 1860

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