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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
115881 Breakwater Stockade - - 1854 21 January Newcastle MM
Archibald Clunes Innes appointed Visiting Justice at the Breakwater Stockade

102022 Convict Stockade Newcastle - - 1833 16 March Newcastle SG
Tenders called for the construction of a Stockade on the site of the old Lumber Yard at Newcastle and for repairs and alterations therein. The whole being for accommodation of Iron Gangs

133303 Maitland Stockade - - 1839 28 May Maitland This errant lady: Jane Franklin's overland journey to Port Philip and Sydney p. 131
Maitland Stockade was visited by Lady Franklin and described as ' a square area surmounted by huts, one of which is an open shed with tables & benches for dining, the other side 4 wooden boxes holding 24 men each, sleeping on ground & on upper boards - a passage across the box between the 2 opposite doors each of which has barred open space over it. Held 90 chain gang men. 1 blanket each

60078 Newcastle Stockade - - 1840 Newcastle Colonial Secretary. Returns of the Colony
Henry Hutton Jacob, William A.S. Foster, Henry Hollingworth Assistant Engineers and Superintendents at Newcastle Stockade

80529 Newcastle Stockade - - 1834 2 May Newcastle Australian
Iron gang men attempted to burn the Newcastle gaol where they were confined until the Stockade is finished

84316 Newcastle Stockade - - 1851 9 July Newcastle MM
Mitchell & Tully Stores formerly used as a stockade. An extensive range of one storied buildings. Destroyed by fire

84365 Newcastle Stockade - - 1851 12 July Newcastle MM
Prison of the old stockade was rented 8mths previously to Tully & Mitchell who used it for a ship chandlery store. The western end was used for the post office. Destroyed by fire

95318 Newcastle Stockade - - 1852 9 October Newcastle MM
Captain Bull in charge of stockade at Newcastle. Issued James Reynolds with a money order on his release from the stockade

115882 Newcastle Stockade - - 1845 13 September Newcastle MM
Fitzpatrick and Fitzgerald condemned to death for murder at the Newcastle Stockade

115884 Newcastle Stockade - - 1855 11 July Newcastle SMH
Re plans for the abolition of the Breakwater Stockade

115885 Newcastle Stockade - - 1855 1 August Newcastle MM
Abolition of the Stockade at Newcastle. Prisoners to be moved to Cockatoo Island

137678 Newcastle Stockade - - 1838 2 October Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AO NSW Reel 2722
John Saunderson per 'Lady Nugent' and William James per 'Exmouth' both assigned to the A.A. Co., charged with disorderly conduct by Constable Luke Dooley after they were seen behaving disrespectfully during a R.C. Sermon at the Stockade by imitating the Priest. Saunderson sentenced to 7 days solitary confinement. James admonished

141642 Newcastle Stockade - - 1864 3 May At the foot of the sand hills and near the Harbour Master's Office SMH
Completely razed to the ground. Had battled sand and weather for many years. The noise and dust occasioned by the fall caused quite an alarm in the town and a large number of people gathered to contemplate the ruins. Had lately been used as a store by the harbour dept and as a drill room for the Naval Brigade. Two boats underneath in the cellar were completely destroyed

141643 Newcastle Stockade - - 1854 6 December Newcastle MM
Auctioneer Alexander Flood advertising iron houses for auction at the old stockade at Newcastle

115880 No 3 Stockade - - 1844 22 June Newcastle MM
Alfred Taught sentenced to 100 lashes for escaping from No. 3 Stockade. Captured near the Swamps by Constable Rinker

115883 No 3 Stockade - - 1843 2 September Newcastle MM
Thomas Pitman, prisoner at the stockade sentenced to 4 months hard labour for absconding from the Stockade. Captured near Hexham

93544 No. 3 Stockade - - 1834 19 March - GG 1834
Tenders called for supplying No. 3 Stockade with strong forms and mess tables

94443 No. 3 Stockade - - 1834 20 August Newcastle GG 1834
Jonathon Warburton per 'Norfolk' - Indoor servant aged 27 from Cheshire; 5'8"; dark sallow compl., dark brown hair, grey eyes, dimple in chin, tattooes; scar back of hand, nose a little cocked. Absconded from No. 3 Stockade (Newcastle). Out of irons since 12 August

115876 No. 3 Stockade - - 1844 16 March Newcastle MM
.....Jones - escapee from No 3 Stockade at Newcastle captured by Thomas Harrison near the Swamps (Hexham)

115877 No. 3 Stockade - - 1844 6 April Newcastle MM
Captain Armstrong commandant of the Stockade at Newcastle. Serjeant Wilson of the 99th regt., guard at the Stockade

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