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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
38444 St. Michael - - 1841 11 December - HRG
Storeship stationed in the river. Allowed by mismanagement to capsize

38445 St. Michael - - 1841 11 December Morpeth HRG
To be sold at Morpeth by auctioneer Mr. Cornelious on 27th December

38683 St. Michael - - 1844 2 March Morpeth MM
Sank off Taggarts Reef. Sold by John Wiseman to be floated and used in the coal trade with Newcastle. Still in the river in 1844

63357 St. Michael - - 1826 26 April - SG
Belonging wholly to John Cobb who purchased from Captain Beveridge's 1/3 share for 500 pounds. Now offered for sale

76182 St. Michael - - 1821 - CSI
Prisoners under sentence of transportation to Newcastle arrived in Sydney on

88350 St. Michael - - 1841 13 February Morepth FP
To be auctioned. Lying off the town of Morpeth in first rate order, replete with every convenience for conducting the business of a General store. Main deck roofed in and fitted up as a dwelling house. Accommodation - Loft to hold 20tons; main deck 19' x 22' with crane; retail store adjoining; sitting rooms opposite main deck; bedrooms both above and below deck; Lazaret; storage for 200 tons of goods in the hold. Could be moved to any one of the Rivers

88384 St. Michael - - 1841 20 March Hunter River FP
F.B. Thurtel lessee of St. Michael storeship. To carry on the business of a general stores as formerly done by Richard Cornelius

182103 St. Michael - - 27 September 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
John Press, in service of Thomas White Melville Winder charged with having in his possession two shirts and one pair of trowsers the property of his master for which he was unable honestly to account....Mr. Alexander Livingstone, states - I am master of the ship St. Michael. The prisoner was on board. There were some bales of slop clothing in the hold to which the prisoner and others had access; one of the bales appeared to have been opened and I suspected some of the contents had been abstracted. I therefore caused all the prisoners I had on board to be searched, when two shirts and a pair of trowsers were found. The bales were shipped on board the St. Michael and their contents are the property of Mr Winder. Chief Constable George Muir, states - I searched several of the prisoners on board the ship St Michael this morning. I found the two shirts now before the court on the person of the prisoner and the trowsers in his bag. He told me he had got them from a settler at the Hawkesbury. The prisoner in his defence states - I found the articles in the hold and secreted them. I admit I did wrong in so doing; I did not take them from the boat. John Press sentenced to 75 lashes

166972 St. Michael (vessel) - - 31 October 1825 Sydney SG
The ship St. Michael, Captain Beveridge, arrived in Sydney from Hobart

74113 St. Michael Store Ship - - 1842 25 May Morpeth CO
To be sold by the trustee of the estate of J.H. Atkinson, insolvent

43619 St. Michael Storeship - - 1841 18 December Morpeth HRG
To be auctioned

98989 St. Michael storeship - - 1830 10 April Hunter River SG
Applications to use thrashing mill to be forwarded to Captain Livingstone on board the St. Michael

124616 St. Michael Storeship - - 1841 24 May Morpeth SH
Frederick Thurtell, Proprietor of the St. Michael Storeship drowned in the river

162613 St. Michael storeship - - 7 November 1833 Morpeth SG
The road from the Saint Michael to Maitland by which the colonists bring all their luggage to and from the steamers and other vessels, is one of the worst in the colony. It is situated on the side of a hill, and really dangerous for persons to travel in any kind of conveyance. but the Government have lately sent an iron gang, who are now making a new road along the side of a large lagoon which will be a very great acquisition to the rising and important town of Maitland'

78397 Vessel St. Michael - - 1826 30 September Newcastle Australian
Arrived in Newcastle having lost her sails in a storm but with no damage to the hull

78401 Vessel St. Michael - - 1826 25 October Newcastle Australian
Recently purchased by owners of the Lord Liverpool. Moored as a floating store in the harbour of Newcastle