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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
42656 Smith William Larkins 1817 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
Boatbuilder aged 42

168175 Smith William Larkins 1817 1822 Newcastle CSI
Overseer of Government Boat Builders at Newcastle. Memorial for a town lease of an allotment in Newcastle

168176 Smith William Larkins 1817 6 November 1824 Newcastle CSI
On return of Newcastle town allotments

168177 Smith William Larkins 1817 12 August 1823 Newcastle CSI
Re permission to marry Christiana Young at Newcastle

182144 Smith William Larkins 1817 12 October 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Christiana Smith otherwise Young, assigned to William Smith, charged with disorderly conduct. Elizabeth Priest states - Yesterday about midday hearing a great disturbance at the back of my premises, I went out to enquire the cause of it, and heard the prisoner making very free with my name, calling me whore and various other gross and disgraceful epithets and threatening that if I would go out to her she would rip my bloody guts up. After she was taken into custody by the chief constable she continued her violent abuse throwing stones at my house and accusing me of an improper intercourse with her husband. Chief Constable George Muir states - I was applied to yesterday by Mrs. Priest who complained of having been grossly abused by Christiana Young in consequence of which I went to Mr. Beattie s Wood yard, adjoining Mrs. Priests house where she was. She was in a most violent passion and uttering torrents of abuse. I remonstrated with her on the impropriety of her conduct which she stated arose from her having detected Mrs. Priest in an improper intercourse with her husband. I soon after received orders to confine Christy Young in the watch house which with considerable difficulty and resistance on the part of the prisoner I accomplished. She made use of highly improper language intended for the hearing and levelled at the character of Mrs. Priest. William Smith questioned states - On Tuesday night I was waiting the return of my boat from up the river. About ten o clock I went to the wharf to see if she had arrived. I returned home by the main street without going near Priests house and came in at the back of my premises at which moment I saw a woman leave my house. I followed her to the beach and found her to be my wife; who immediately accused me with illicit intercourse with Mrs. Priest. Christiana Smith otherwise Young states in her defence On Tuesday night about ten o clock after I had retired to rest my husband left the house. I suspected he went out for an improper purpose - I got up and followed him at a distance. I saw him get over a fence and go into the privy at the back of Priests house. I went to the front door of Priest house and looked through the keyhole. I saw Mrs. Priest give her infant to her daughter Mary and then go out at the back door into the privy where my husband was and I there saw my husband kiss her. This has so excited my feelings as to cause me to be so violent as I was yesterday. The Chief constable ordered to examine Priests premises to ascertain whether any person standing at the front door of the house can see what is doing in the privy, The Chief constable on his return states - I have examined Priests premises and looked through the key hole of the front door with the back door open - at which time the privy could not be seen. Indeed with both doors open it cannot be seen, it being full nine feet beyond the line of the doors. Christiana Smith Young sentenced to three months to the Factory at Parramatta.

167784 Smith (boat builder) William Larkins 1817 November 1821 Newcastle Colonial Secretarys Correspondence
Petition of William Smith, boatbuilder for a Conditional Pardon. On arrival put into service in Sydney where having incurred the displeasure of public authority was sent to Newcastle for three years. Had been overseer of boatbuilders at Newcastle and had built the schooners Newcastle and Black Swan as well as three large working and two pilot boats and others of smaller descriptions; the necessary repairs of such boats and other useful works keeping him in constant employment

170306 Smith (boat builder) William Larkins 1817 1825 Newcastle New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters. Class: HO 10; Piece: 20
Boat builder at Newcastle