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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
169433 Smith Neal Atlas 1802 (2) 1822 - 1823 Sydney Colonial Secretary's Papers (NRS 898) Special bundles, 1794-1825
Charged with wilful and corrupt perjury before the magistrates at Liverpool in charging Dennis Lynch with having committed highway robbery. Found guilty and sentenced to stand from eleven to twelve oclock on Saturday 18th and 25th January in the court yard at Liverpool with a label of wood on the breast of his person with the words painted large Convicted of wilful and corrupt perjury in falsely charging a prisoners of the Crown with Highway Robbery. Afterwards to be transported to such place as his Excellency the Governor shall direct for four years

178985 Smith Neal Atlas 1802 (2) 12 January 1811 Newcastle CSI
Constable at Newcastle. Claiming that his sentence had expired. Applied to be returned to Sydney. Neil Smith was a constable at Lower Minto in 1822 and was sent to Port Macquarie in 1823 for a colonial crime and was later employed as a constable at Port Macquarie

13927 Smith Neil (?Neal) - 1804 Coal River SG
Castle Hill rebel. Sentenced 500 lashes and transported to Coal River

13930 Smith Neil (Neal) - 1804 Coal River BVH
Placed in double irons and sent to Sydney after he plotted to escpae from Coal River

77457 Smith Neil (Neal) - 1814 6 August Newcastle SG
For detecting a Still illegally employed by J. Moss at Newcastle paid 5 pound

77185 Smith Neill (?Neal) - 1804 10 June Newcastle SG
Prisoner at Newcastle. Said to have taken part in the Castle Hill rebellion. Ringleader of men who attempted to murder the Commandant and soldiers at Newcastle. Escaped to the bush and was apprehended