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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
121940 Scarr (Skarr) Charlotte Henry Wellesley 1837...... 1842 8 July - GG
Ticket of leave cancelled for having absconded from her husband since the date of application

121671 Scarr (Skarr) (Starr) (Wort) Charlotte Henry Wellesley 1837...... 1842 25 March Raymond Terrace GG
House servant aged 26 from Middlesex; 5' 1 1/2"; ruddy complexion; dark brown hair, grey eyes, hairy mole on left cheek. Small pockpit on right cheek. Absconded from James Wort, her husband 9th March

178944 Skarr Charlotte Henry Wellesley 1837 29 June 1839 West Maitland Application to marry
Thomas Cousens age 33, free by servitude, application to marry Charlotte Sharr per Henry Welleslley, age 23. Note - Sharr must obtain the consent of the visiting Justice of the Factory at Newcastle where she is now supposed to be

43227 Skarr Charlotte Henry Wellesley 1837...... 1842 25 June Raymond Terrace HRG
Obtained Ticket of Leave

135677 Skarr Charlotte Henry Wellesley 1837...... 1837 December Port Jackson AO NSW Convict Indents. Fiche No. 730
Age 21. Single woman from Middlesex. House servant. Tried at Middlesex Sessions of Peace 16 May 1837 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for pledging stolen property

133489 Skaw (Skarr) (Scarr) Charlotte Henry Wellesley 1837......... 1837 Patrick Plains GRC
Age 21. Assigned to Robert Pringle