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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
119965 Simpson Ewbank - 1839 25 December Parish of Maitland Allotment 15 Wallis Plains GG
50 acres east of Ewbank Simpson's boundary and west of Luke Ralfe's land located on an order of Governor Darling 24 November 1830 to William Gaudrey (deceased) . Claim for Deed of Grant by John Terry Hughes, merchant

6245 Simpson John Ewbank - 1830 Maitland Pioneers of a Great Valley
Selected land at Maitland near William Prentice. Schoolmaster

48946 Simpson John Ewbank - 1848 14 June East Maitland BR
Buried in Glebe Cemetery

121802 Simpson John Ewbank - 1842 6 May Parish of Maitland. Allotment 12 GG
Claim for Deed of Grant. 50 acres located on an order of Gov. Darling 23 December 1830 in favour of John Ewbank Simpson who sold to Wakefield Simpson, against whom the Sheriff sold to claimaint (Thomas White Melville Winder)

124651 Simpson John Ewbank - 1834 29 September Maitland SH
Signed Petition to the Governor requesting that Maitland prison cells be built on the north side of Wallis Creek

160199 Simpson John Ewbank - 1827 11 December Sydney Australian Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records
Marriage of John Ewbank Simpson to Susan Baker

111615 Simpson John Ewbank William Shand 1825 1835 18 March Newcastle gaol NGE
Came Free. Labourer from London. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Paterson under sentence of 4 months imprisonment. Set at large 12 July

168759 Simpson John Ewbank William Shand 1825 1828 Sydney 1828 Census
John Ewbank Simpson, came free per William Shand employed as servant to William Cummings at Macquarie Place Sydney