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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
181830 Bagshaw William - 11 May 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
William Bagshaw, in government service, charged with very gross and abusive language to a soldier and for leaving the bullock team in the street in working hours. James Groom, soldier of the Buffs, states - yesterday there was a cart and four bullocks standing in the street near to cottages occupied by the military married men, Bagshaw was with them. A number of children were playing about, he threatened to wring their necks off it they did not get out of his way. On my saying that was not the way for him to talk, he said he would lay his whip over them and me too. On going away he made use of language too gross to be repeated. He left the cart and bullocks standing in the street. Corporal Lane (Buffs), states - I was indoors yesterday but heard an altercation between Groom and the Bullock drive about the children. After which the bullock drive went away leaving the cart and bullocks standing in the street. They remained so upwards of a quarter of an hour when another man came and drove them away. The prisoner denies having said anything offensive to Groom. States that he only left the cart standing in the street whilst he went home to light his pipe. William Bagshaw sentenced to solitary confinement for six days

181835 Bagshaw William - 1 March 1831 Sydney SG
William Bagshaw committed for trial for assaulting a constable; to be admitted to bail

181951 Bagshaw William - 1 July 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
George McNichol per ship Isabella, in the service of William Bradridge, charged with making away with his masters property under aggravated circumstances. Mr. William Bradridge states - last Friday week I gave my servant McNichol a pair of shoes and blanket in lieu of others lost by him, also some tobacco for his use; I directed him to return to my farm up the river and take charge of an deliver to Mr. Andrew Sparkes, seven sacks of a wool pack which I had borrowed from him; McNichol left my house with these articles in his possession. He returned to my house on Sunday evening stating himself to be unwell. He brought neither blanket or shoes with him; he told me he had delivered the wool pack and bags to Mr. Sparkes ; on Tuesday last I learnt from Mr. Sparkes that McNichol had neither been at the farm, nor had the pack or bags been delivered as stated by McNichol and that he had only arrived at the farm the preceding evening without either bags, blankets or shoes. The day before yesterday a bullock driver came to my house and offered me three bags for sale. I suspected they were Mr. Sparkes bags, I therefore gave the price asked for them and told the chief constable what I had done. Daniel Tyndal states - The prisoner came to me last week offering to sell me some bags; he was drunk. I would not have any dealings with him. Patrick McNamara states - the prisoner came to my quarters last week - he brought with him some bags and a pair of shoes. He gave me a bag for my own use. He gave William Bagshaw another and also some to sell. He asked Bagshaw to sell the shoes for him. Bagshaw went away with three bags and the shoes and soon returned bringing the shoes back but no bags. I understood they were sold. There are now four bags and a pack at my quarters left by the prisoner. He told me Mr. Sparkes was his master. The prisoner states - after receiving the property from my master, I got intoxicated and lost it; I know nothing of McNamara or Bagshaw. George McNicholl sentenced to 75 lashes

181952 Bagshaw William - 1 July 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
William Bagshaw, bullock driver in government service charged with assisting a fellow prisoner to make away with his masters property. This charged arose from the evidence given at the trial of George McNichol. William Bagshaw in his defence states - McNichol came to my quarters last week - he brought some bags with him. He gave me one for a bed tick. He asked me to sell some for him. He also gave me a pair of shoes to sell. I went and sold three bags to Mr. Bradridge. The shoes I returned to McNichol. I did not think there was harm in selling the bags. I know nothing of McNichol he is an acquaintance of Patrick McNamara. William Bagshaw sentenced to 50 lashes

28745 Bagshaw William Grenada 1821 1825 5 November Newcastle CSI
Prisoner at Newcastle. Petition for mitigation of sentence

181833 Bagshaw William Grenada 1821 5 September 1828 Sydney SG
William Bagshaw dismissed from the Police Department for drunkenness

181834 Bagshaw William Grenada 1821 10 March 1828 - SG
Granted Certificate of Freedom

44039 Bradshaw William - 1848 9 August Maitland MM
Obtained Ticket of Leave

90963 Burtenshaw William - 1829 11 September Newcastle. (From Sydney) NGE
Born in England. Protestant. To be confined for 3 years with hard labour after a court martial. 57th regiment. Orderly conduct in gaol

167769 Burtonshaw William Siren 1835 arrived Sydney 9 April 1835 - SA NSW Bound manuscript indents, 1788-1842; Item: [4/4019]; Microfiche: 694.
One of seven male prisoners on the Siren from VDL to Port Jackson. Came from India on the Resource. Age 27. Native of Co. Kent. Occupation Servant and soldier, formerly of 57th regiment. Tried July 1834 and sentenced to transportation for life for insubordination. Dark sallow complexion, black hair. Eyebrows meeting . scar centre of forehead.

59346 Gremshaw (Grimshaw) William Hashemy 1849 1849 24 October Maitland MM
Obtained ticket of leave

75530 Grimshaw William Hashemy 1849 1850 14 August - MM
Nathan Joseph of West Maitland offering reward for apprehension of 5 men who absconded from Bullgaree Station - Thomas Morris, Charles Munt, Frederick Rouse, William Grimshaw, John Dillon

75534 Grimshaw William Hashemy 1849 1850 14 August near Wee Waa MM
Exile holding ticket of leave for Maitland; stout; fair complexion, black hair, native of Chester, 5'6". Absconded from Nathan Joseph

172431 Henshaw William Lady Harewood 1831 8 November 1841 Newcastle gaol State Archives NSW; Gaol Entrance Book, Item: 2/2020; Roll: 757
Admitted to Newcastle gaol for drunkenness. Sentenced to 1 month on the treadmill (in Sydney)

20044 Rainshaw William - 1846 17 January Maitland MM
Allowed bail

20254 Rainshaw William - 1846 10 January Maitland MM
To be tried at Maitland Quarter Sessions 12.1.46 for larceny. On bail

21335 Rainshaw William - 1846 8 April Paterson MM
Unclaimed letter held in the Sydney Post Office

120565 Scrimshaw William Roslin Castle 1834 1839 16 January Patrick Plains GG
Granted Ticket of Leave

130830 Scrimshaw William Roslin Castle 1834 1837 Patrick Plains GRC
Age 46. Assigned to Archibald Bell

29175 Shaw Constable William - 1834 14 June Paterson SG
Resigned from position of Constable

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