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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
58993 Russell Captain William - 1849 10 October Singleton MM
Robert Chalmers per 'Randolph' committed to 14 days in the cells for absconding from Russell

63096 Russell Captain William - 1843 14 October Maryville, Jerry's Plains MM
Charged Edward Dyte with opening a letter belonging to him

87242 Russell Captain William - 1851 24 December Singleton MM
15year old Mary Stewart drowned in a waterhole near Captain Russell's residence. His son William attempted to rescue her

92887 Russell Captain William - 1852 18 August Singleton MM
Broke collar bone in a fall from his horse at the Singleton Races

102471 Russell John William - 1841 24 April Clarencetown SG
Purchased town allotment

93741 Russell Joseph William and Frances Anna - 1839 Newcastle Register Book. Christchurch Cathedral Newcastle
Corporal in the 80th Regt., Baptism of son Charles Alfred

6679 Russell Major William - 1843 3 March Raymond Terrace MM
Committee member to re-elect C. Windeyer for the counties of Gloucester, Macquarie and Stanley

25894 Russell Major William - 1846 23 November Raymond Terrace SMH
Lieut. J Russell, third son of Major Russell of Raymond Terrace died at Simla India 11th April 1846 of fever aged 26

64391 Russell Major William - 1844 15 June Toobimba, Hunter River Dispatch
Second daughter Sarah married Capt. Edward M. O'Connell of 99th regt at St. James church Sydney

82716 Russell Major William - 1851 29 March Fullerton Cove, within 7 miles of Newcastle MM
From Newcastle. Advertising 1835 acres to be let

87752 Russell Major William - 1852 28 January Newcastle MM
Death of Mary, the beloved wife of Major Russell on 20th January

92287 Russell Major William - 1852 25 June Newcastle Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin)
Death of Mary, wife of Major Russell, formerly of the 20th regt., and of Beechmount in the county of Cork

99641 Russell Major William - 1853 27 April Newcastle MM
Death of Major Russell on 20th April aged 80 after a long illness which he bore with Christian fortitude. formerly of the 20th Regt., Engaged with the 20th regt. in Holland in 1799; in Egypt in 1801; Peninsular War in Maida, Vimiera, Corunna, Pyrenees, Nive, Nevelle, Orthes and Toulouse. Awarded to gold medals and the Peninsular medal. Arrived in the colony with his family in 1837

107716 Russell Major William - 1853 22 April Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Burials p25
Retired Major of HM 20th regiment. Died aged 80. Burial date

120467 Russell Major William - 1841 29 June Raymond Terrace GG
1 convict labourer assigned to Major Russell by special order

123244 Russell Major William - 1844 21 September Maitland Assizes SMH
Witness at the trial of William Archer and George Theedham

123245 Russell Major William - 1844 21 September Raymond Terrace SMH
Matthew Brady assigned servant until 4th November 1843

123246 Russell Major William - 1844 21 September Raymond Terrace SMH
Michael Groden assigned servant in November 1843

123248 Russell Major William - 1844 21 September Raymond Terrace SMH
Always distributed slop clothing, shoes etc to assigned servants in November

123956 Russell Major William - 1858 10 March Ringwood, Raymond Terrace SMH
Marriage of Richard Tarrant Russell of Burradoc, Stroud, son of the late Major William Russell of HM 20th regt., and Elizabeth Muir Dun, eldest daughter of Thomas Dun Esq., of Ringwood on 3rd March. Officiating Minister Rev. Robert Blain of Hinton

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