Free Settler or Felon?
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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
113433 Rusden Rev. Canon - 1858 30 December St. James Church Morpeth Courier (Hobart)
Attended Conference of the clergy and lay representatives of the Church of England in the diocese of Newcastle

169312 Rusden Rev. G.K - September 1836 Maitland Historical Records of Australia Series 1, Vol XVIII, p 566
In order to prosecute the present Inquiry, I have waited upon .Mr. Houston Mitchell, and having requested that Gentleman to afford me the names of those of his Prisoners, who were at Church on the 14th ultimo, and having examined them separately in their Master's presence, I have now the honor to hand you their Indi- vidual Statements. John Jones- States, on Sunday, the 14th ultimo, he was at Church with some of his fellow Prisoners: that the Parson appeared very angry and told them the Catholics were getting the upper hand, and that the Bible was going to be taken away from them, and that none of them, who were Protestants, were to go away after Church until they had written their names down. Jones further states that, after the service. Goldingham, the Clerk, brought a piece of paper, a pen and Ink into the Church, and the Parson went to the door, and asked the people as they went out to stop and put down their names. Jones and his fellow Prisoners were on the Steps going away, when the Parson said " Come and sign this my Men ; it will not do you any harm, but will get you schools, towards which I my- self have given five pounds." Jones then wrote his own name as well as those of some of his fellow Prisoners who could not write. The Parson and Clerk were then both standing at the Table, and they both knew them to be Prisoners ; the former had often spoken to them, and the latter knew them perfectly well. Jones did not see any Petition ; there was nothing on the Paper he signed but a few names. John Morgant states that he cannot write; that, after Church on Sunday, the 14th ultimo, he was coining home when the Parson called him back to write his name; the clerk also told them they were to go and put down their names. Morgan said he could not write, and Jones wrote his name for him. Hawes. Riley, and Turner* corroborate the above Statements, and. not being able to sign their own names, they asked Jones to write them for them. Walker corroborates the statement of Jones, but wrote his own name; he did not know what he signed, but thought he was obliged to do as the Parson told him. and that they wanted to find out how many Protestants there were in the Colony.

169318 Rusden Rev. G.K - 2 July 1834 Maitland Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Vol. XVII p. 460
Governor Bourke to Right Hon. E. G. Stanley. (Despatch No. 57. per ship James Harris; acknowledged by earl of Aberdeen, 24th December, 1834.) Sir, Government House, 2 July, 1834. I have the honor to inform you that, some short time be- fore Archdeacon Broughton left this for England, it was known in the Colony that the Revd. G. K. Rusden and family intended to come out with the view of settling in the Colony, if Mr. Rusden could procure any employment in his profession to occupy his time and augment his income. It occurred to the Archdeacon and myself that the opportunity would be favorable for removing one of a Class of Persons, who have not been found to succeed here, and that Mr. Rusden might be advantageously placed as Chaplain at Maitland in the room of the Catechist, Lieut. Wood of the Royal Navy, whose appointment it was desirable to reduce. Lieut. Wood is a man of excellent character and great moral worth; but, as has been formerly intimated to the Secretary of State, the Catechists have not been found to obtain that influence over the People to whom they preach, which usually attends the labours of an Ordained Minister. Two Catechists were therefore previously reduced, and a third has been replaced by Mr. Rusden since the 1st Instant. The latter is to receive the same stipend and allowance as a Catechist for the remainder of this year; but I have proposed and the Legislative Council have consented to fix his stipend at 200 per annum for the year 1835, the stipend of a Catechist being 182 10s. only.

4556 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1842 19 March East Maitland HRG

4793 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1842 14 May East Maitland HRG
Advertisement for 'good plain cook'

6666 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1843 3 March Maitland MM
Present at Benevolent Society meeting

6791 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1843 3 March East Maitland MM

7610 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1843 6 May Maitland MM
Compiled a volume of his sermons for distribution to his friends and parishioners after his imminent death

7801 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1843 13 May East Maitland MM
Claim for registration to vote for the Borough of East and West Maitland allowed. Freeholder.

10333 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1844 2 March East Maitland MM
Advertising for upper and under nurse.

11086 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1844 30 March East Maitland MM

22710 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1846 18 July Maitland MM
Made donation to Maitland Hospital

23631 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1834 Maitland Colonial Secretary Returns of the Colony
Assistant Chaplain

28416 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1836 24 November West Maitland SM
Present at meeting to propose building a new Church

32635 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1836 27 February Maitland SG
Officiating minister at marriage of Miss Winder and Wakefield Simpson at Maitland

35070 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1836 10 May Paterson SG
On Committee to raise funds for a Church at Paterson

39507 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1848 22 March Morpeth MM
Attended Ordination of Benjamin Glennie and Josiah Rodwell held at St. James Church Morpeth

41666 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1836 26 November West Maitland SG
Present at a meeting at the new School House to raise subscription for a new Church and Parsonage

50023 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1847 6 February High Street, West Maitland MM
Cottage formerly occupied by Rusden, commodiuous, comfortable residence, in good position for a Store

51902 Rusden Rev. George Keylock - 1849 21 March Maitland MM
Accompanied George Waters Ward to the gallows

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