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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
166907 Reilly (Riley) Peter Dorothy 1820 19th December 1828 - Gaol Description and Entrance Books, Sydney
Found guilty of Felony. Executed

64614 Reilly (Riley) Peter Isabella 1823 1830 10 August Newcastle SG
Obtained ticket of leave

71506 Reilly (Riley) Peter Isabella 1823 1830 6 September Newcastle Application to marry
38 yrs of age. Ticket of leave holder. Application to marry Mary Anne McKnight

64871 Riley Constable Peter - 1831 12 November Maitland SG
Appointed constable in room of John Eckford, resigned

78637 Riley Constable Peter - 1831 2 June Newcastle SG
Witness at the trial of Daniel Bradburne

104927 Riley Constable Peter - 1832 15 December Newcastle SG
Constable at Newcastle in 1830. Witness at the trial of bushrangers Steel, McGrath, Ryan

117331 Riley Constable Peter - 1839 30 January Maitland GG 1839
Resigned from positon of constable. Replaced by Humphrey Murphy

181960 Riley Constable Peter - 4 July 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
John McLarhlan, per ship Castle Forbes, Free by Servitude, charged with drunkenness. Constable Peter Riley states - yesterday I saw McLarhlan staggering about the streets drunk; a woman was supporting him. She was sober apparently. The accused admitted the charge and was fined 5 shillings. Fine paid

181968 Riley Constable Peter - 5 July 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
James Goff in government service, charged with resisting the constables in the execution of their duty. Constable Francis McNamara states - Last night I went accompanied by Constable Peter riley to the different public houses in the town by order of the chief constable to see that no drunkenness was going forward. At Patrick Rileys house there was a man both noisy and intoxicated. In putting him out of the house Goff observed, - You bloody constables who are prisoners attempting to put out a free man. - I told him I would take him to the watch house if he interfered, on which he defied me; I then handed over the other man to Riley and attempted to take Goff into custody but was knocked down by him, but with Rileys assistance succeeded in conveying him to the watch house.. James Goff sentenced to 3 months in the gaol gang

182008 Riley Constable Peter - 31 July 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Matthew Fox, in government service, charged with drunkenness and making an improper use of two commissariat bags....Chief Constable George Muir states - Last night a little after nine, I discovered the prisoner lying near Mr. Cheers house in a state of beastly intoxication. I had received previous information from Mr. Cheers that he had good reason to believe that Fox had taken away an axe from his house upon which I sent a constable to search Foxes quarters and there the two commissariat bags were found; they had been removed from the Superintendents paling. Constable Peter Riley states - I was last night directed by the chief constable to search the prisoner s lodgings for an axe which had been taken from Cheers. I found at his lodgings two bags bearing the Kings mark. I brought them away - they are those now before the court. The prisoner states in his defence - I took the bags from the superintendents paling to fetch grass for the government horses which I work at the mine; I admit having been drunk last night and throw myself on the mercy of the court. Matthew Fox sentenced to 50 lashes

182084 Riley Constable Peter - 12 September 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
John Brooks, free by servitude, charged with drunkenness. Constable Peter Riley, states - yesterday in the afternoon between 4 and 5, I saw five or six men in the road crowded together as if they were fighting. I went towards them and found Brooks stripped to fight. I interfered and prevented Brooks from striking a man who was of the crowd and I took Brooks to the watch house. He was not very drunk; seemed to know what he was about; he was able to walk but was in a state of intoxication and very quarrelsome. Constable Thomas Dwyer states - I saw a mob assembled together yesterday afternoon and went with Riley to disperse it. We found Brooks stripped except his trowsers, - his shirt lying on the grass; it appeared to me he wanted to strike a man who was standing near. Brooks was intoxicated. I assisted riley to take hi to the watch house. John Brooks fined 5 shillings or two hours in the stocks. The prisoner expressing his determination not to pay the fine, in language highly disrespectful to the court, his sentence to the stocks is extended to three hours.

182177 Riley Constable Peter - 24 October 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
James Tobin per ship Earl. St. Vincent, in government service charged with drunkenness...Constable Peter Riley states - In the afternoon of yesterday I met the prisoner coming out of a public house. He was drunk. I considered it my duty to take him to the watch house. He offered no resistance. The man bears a good character generally except in the case of intoxication. Sentenced to 7 days solitary confinement

182293 Riley Constable Peter - 11 December 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Thomas Newton, per ship Mary, in government service charged with theft. Mrs. Mary Beattie states - On Saturday evening last I had a quantity of wearing apparel in a bucket at my house. I saw them in the front room about 1/2 eight o clock. I did not miss them before yesterday morning about nine o clock when I found the bucket had been emptied of its contents with the exception of a bed gown an apron and a pair of drawers. In the course of the day I was informed by White the sawyer that with good management I might recover my loss as the things had been offered to him, and that he was to see the person again who had them at nine o clock. It was agreed between White and Riley the Constable as to the manner they would proceed to get the stolen articles into their possession and I supplied Riley with three dollars to assist him in his operations. The articles now produced in court are those which were stolen from my house with the exception of a pair of trowsers in which they were wrapt. William White states - On Saturday night I was at the residence of the man who works with me. I had gone to him to borrow some charge, it was about half past 8 o clock. Whilst I was there the prisoner came in, he had a bundle with him which appeared to contain clothes some of which he offered for sale, I told him I had no objection to purchase anything that would suit me but I did not purchase any. Yesterday I heard of Mrs. Beattie having been robbed, I sent for her and communicated what I have now related. It was concerted between Riley the Constable and myself as to the manner in which I was to endeavour to obtain possession of the stolen goods, and he gave me three dollars to make the purchase. About nine o clock last night I went to the public Well and there met the prisoner and got from him the articles now before the court. Riley was close at hand and immediately apprehended the prisoner and took the things into his own charge. Peter Riley, constable states - I know of the robbery at Mrs. Beatties on Saturday night and yesterday I was sent for to her house when she informed me that White the sawyer could give me some information respecting it. A message was despatched to White requesting his attendance and he immediately came. He told me he had seen some of the articles stolen in the possession of the prisoner who had offered them for sale and that he had no doubt but they could be obtained for a trifle. It was then arranged that White should be furnished with three dollars which dollars Mrs. Beattie let me have and I handed them over to White having first put a mark on each of them by a nick under the figure 8. White then went away to make the bargain. Having afterwards learnt that the property was to be handed over to White at nine o clock that night near the public Well. I concealed myself in that neighbourhood and saw the prisoner met White at the hour appointed and deliver over the White the property now produced in Court upon which I immediately took the prisoner into custody and on searching his person I found the three dollars on him which I had marked and given to White. I also took the bundle from White which had been delivered to him by the prisoner. The prisoner on being called on for his defence pleads guilty. Sentence -Three years extension of sentence at the expiration of his present original sentence

5643 Riley Peter - 1830 Newcastle R v Ryan, Steel, McGrath, Daley
Constable when William Steele was sentenced to a penal settlement

5956 Riley Peter - 1831 14 January Newcastle -
Constable at Newcastle

11541 Riley Peter - 1844 4 May - MM
Deceased. Thomas Dee guardian of his children.

13898 Riley Peter - 1835 10 February Maitland SG
Chief Constable

30231 Riley Peter - 1839 Maitland Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary
Chief Constable

30274 Riley Peter - 1839 Maitland Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary
Appointed Chief Constable 1837. Succeeded by George Woods 1839

63447 Riley Peter - 1826 23 August Port Stephens The Australian
Cook. Absconded from A.A. Company for want of cooking utensils.

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