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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
167507 Rhodius Charles - 6 March 1830 - Sydney Monitor
Mr. C. Rhodius uses the lithographic press with great skill. He has executed front and profile likenesses of Bungaree, in a most superior style

167508 Rhodius Charles - 18 March 1834 Sydney Sydney Monitor
Division of land on Bunker's Hill. 19 allotments of land advertised for auction. - It was on this Estate the Charles Rhodius took his celebrated view of Port Jackson.

167509 Rhodius Charles - 2 October 1834 - SH
A series of portraits of the most prominent Aborigines of the various tribes of NSW in progress. Painted by Charles Rhodius.....

167513 Rhodius Charles - 2 April 1841 St. Philips Church, Sydney SH
Marriage of Charles Rhodius to Miss Elizabeth Harriet Allen on Thursday 1st April by Rev. W. Cowper.

167514 Rhodius Charles - 18 December 1848 Sydney SMH
School of Arts - We are happy to state that the drawing class at the School of Arts is now fully constituted and that the plan of instruction proposed by Mr. Rhodius having been approved of by the Committee that talented gentleman has been appointed to the Superintendence of the class

167515 Rhodius Charles - 6 June 1849 - SMH
German. Interpreter in Court

167516 Rhodius Charles - 8 October 1858 - SMH
A series of thirteen elaborage drawings made by Charles Rhodius from the Elgin marbles in 1836 donated to the Sydney Museum

167518 Rhodius Charles - 14 April 1860 - The Cornwall Chronicle (Tas)
Death of artist Charles Rhodius

167521 Rhodius Charles - 19 February 1829 London The Morning Chronicle
Queen Square - A young foreigner dressed in the most fashionable style, who said his name was Charles Rhodius of 80 Charlotte St Portland Place, and who described himself as an artist and teacher of languages, was charged with robbing Lady Laura Meyrick, lady of Colonel Meyrick of Berkeley Square, of a reticule, containing sundry articles as she was leaving the King's Theatre on the previous evening. When Lady Meyrick was quitting the Opera House, with the colonel about 12 oclock she discovered that she had lost her reticule, and, having suspected the prisoner, who had been following her, the assistance of Handley, an officer, was obtained, and the prisoner was secured, while he was endeavouring to rob another lady. On his person were found the contents of Lady Meyricks reticule and he had a penknife in his hand. A ring, a bracelet, and a purse, containing a half sovereign and six shillings, were also foun in his pocket. At his residence several ladies handkerchiefs opera glasses, pieces of purses, and the clasps of reticules and a purse containing four sovereigns were found. The prisoner prostested he was innocent, and said the handkerchiefs etc had been given him by ladies who had been his pupils. He was committed for trial.

167522 Rhodius Charles - 2 March 1829 London The Morning Post
Queen Square - Robbery at Drury Lane Theatre - Charles Rodius who stands committed for robbing Lady Laura Meyrick of her reticule, as she came out of the King's Theatre was brought up from Tothill fields prison, and placed at the bar before G.W. Marriott Esq., charged with robbing Mrs. Heatley of Hertford St. Mayfair of her reticules, as she was coming out of Drury Lane theatre. Mr. Heatley stated that his wife as so ill that she could not attend but he could swear to an opera glass and smelling bottle, which were produced by Handley, the officer who found them at the prisoner's lodgings. Handley stated he had no doubt but he should have several other charges against the prisoner, as he had a number of articles in his possession which had not yet been owned. The prisoner was remanded until Saturday for final examinations

167523 Rhodius Charles - 11 April 1829 London Jackson's Oxford Journal
Charles Rodius, a German artist, sentenced Saturday at Westminster Sessions to seven years transportation for stealing from Lady Meyrick a reticule containing various articles of property as her Ladyship came out of the theatre

167510 Rhodius Charles Sarah 1829 1829 - Trove. National Library of Australia. See also ADBO
RODIUS (RHODIUS), CHARLES (1802-1860), artist, was born in Cologne, Germany. Inscriptions in French on some of his drawings suggest that his background was French rather than German. He went to England and acquired an easy command of the English language. In 1829 he was convicted at Westminster on a charge of stealing a reticule and sentenced to transportation for seven years. He arrived in New South Wales in December 1829 in the Sarah

167511 Rhodius Charles Sarah 1829 2 July 1838 Elizabeth St. Sydney. Three doors from Liverpool Street. SH
Auction of household furniture, drawings, books, engravings etc belonging to Charles Rhodius.. Mr. Rhodius leaving Sydney for the benefit of his health

167512 Rhodius Charles and Harriet - 17 December 1838 at her residence, Elizabeth St. Sydney SH
Death on Friday 14th December 1838 of Harriett, the wife of Charles Rhodius. Aged 17 years

79340 Rhodius (Rodius) Charles - 1850 9 October Maitland MM
Artist. Visiting Maitland to take 'likenesses'

167519 Rodius (Rhodius) Charles Sarah 1829 7 December 1829 Sydney State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12188; Title: Bound manuscript indents, 1788-1842; Item: [4/4015]; Microfiche: 674
Age 27. Native of Cologne. Occupation artist and architect. Tried at Westminster 3 April 1829 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing a reticule. 5ft 10in, Small scar under left eye. Dark ruddy complexion. Pale. Black hair, brown eyes. Assigned to the Department of Public works on arrival. Died in the Liverpool Benevolent Asylum 9 April 1860

167520 Rodius (Rhodius) Charles Sarah 1829 6 July 1829 Portsmouth UK Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books
Convict of stealing from the person at Westminster on 3 April 1829. Received from Newgate prison on to the York hulk on 6 July 1829. Transferred to the convict ship Sarah on 15 August 1829 for transportation to New South Wales