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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
24585 Rae James - 1846 10 October Morpeth MM
Saddler. Accident while cleaning a gun

43498 Rae James - 1848 19 July Morpeth MM
County Northumberland elector supporting Henry Dangar for the Legislatvie Council

97833 Rae James - 1834 14 October Maitland SG
Correspondence addressed to the Governor re the site of Maitland township

123493 Rae James - 1862 18 June Campbells Hill Burial Ground Maitland Burial Records
Died aged 33

124742 Rae James - 1834 16 October Maitland SH
Signed petition opposing proposal to build gaol cells on the North side of Wallis Creek

154619 Rae James and Susannah - 1855 14 October Houghton, Paterson Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Baptism of John Alford Rae, son of James Rae and Susannah Lowman 9born 13 August 1855)

85196 Rae James D - 1851 16 August Maitland MM
Campaigning for George Robert Nichols to represent the Northumberland Boroughs in the Legislative Council

90349 Rae James D - 1852 2 June Collected at Morpeth MM
Subscribed to Testimonial for E.C. Close

18728 Rae James Dunlop - 1845 11 October - MM
Authorised to collect his father's outstanding accounts

66691 Rae James Dunlop - 1838 28 March - GG
Son of Henry Rae. Claim for deed of land granted by Gov. Brisbane 11 Nov 1825

87364 Rae James Dunlop - 1852 3 January St. Ann's Church, Paterson MM
Marriage of James Dunlop Rae of Morpeth to Susanna Lowman, youngest daughter of John Alford of Toryburn, Allyn River on 31st December 1851. Officiating minister Rev. James Laughton

123494 Rae James Dunlop - 1911 8 June East Maitland Burial Ground Maitland Burial Records
Died aged 85. Husband of Susanna Loman Rae

170182 Rae (or Rea) Henry, James, Joan, William Skelton 1823 1825 Pitt Street Sydney New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters. Class: HO 10; Piece: 20
Henry Rae, saddler of Pitt Street, wife Joan, sons James and William came free on the Skelton in 1823

90555 Raelly James - 1852 2 June Collected at Narrowgut MM
Subscribed to Testimonial for E.C. Close