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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
119986 Preston Walter - 1811 20 February Tottenham Court Road Old Bailey Online
. WALTER PRESTON was indicted for feloniously assaulting John Kennedy in the king s highway on the 18th of February , putting him in fear, and taking from his person and against his will, a seal, value 1 s. 6 d. a watch key, value 6 d. and part of a steel watch chain, value 6 d. his property. Prisoner s Defence. I was standing at the corner of Goudge Street, when Kennedy came up to me he said, I shall give charge of you to the first watchman we come nigh; I said for why, he came to me and I pushed him away, I walked down Goudge Street and down Charlotte Street, a gentleman s coachman came up and said I was the person that was accused of robbing the boy, I told him I was not the person, but a watchman came up and took hold of me, when the boy came in the watchhouse he said if the man has a white coat on he is the man. GUILTY , DEATH , aged 24. First Middlesex jury, before Mr. Baron Wood .

129439 Preston Walter - 1819 4 December Sydney SG
Walter Preston and Mary Baker indicted for stealing various items of stationery, the property of the Crown. Preston acquitted. Mary Baker sentenced to 12 months at Newcastle

174526 Preston Walter - 7 June 1909 Newcastle NMH
Article printed in the Newcastle Morning Herald commemmorating the Jubilee - In the possession of Mr. T. Wrighton of Waratah, is one of the earliest historical accounts of NSW published, and certainly one of the most interesting and valuable of all such productions. The title page states that the letter press was written in illustration of twelve views drawn by Captain James Wallis of the 46th regiment and engraved by W. Preston, a convict. There is also an accurate map of Port Macquarie and the (then) newly discovered River Hastings by J. Oxley Esq., Surveyor General to the Territory. The engravings were finely executed, and the prints and letter press are in an excellent state of preservation. When Preston undertook to engrave the drawings there was not in the whole colony a single plate of copper fit for the work and so he was forced to be content with the common sheet copper which was employed for coppering the bottoms of ships. There are two views of Newcastle......

71677 Preston Walter Guildford 1812 1814 8 January Newcastle Colonial Secretarys Correspondence Series: NRS 937; Reel or Fiche Numbers: Reels 6004-6016
Walter Preston per Guildford, Henry Goucher per Guildford, Catherine Connor per Canada and Joseph Ryan per Anne all sentenced to Newcastle penal settlement to be kept at Governor work for 2 years except Goucher who sentence was one year at the settlement. They were sent by the Estramina

71678 Preston Walter Guildford 1812 1814 25 November Newcastle CSI
On list of runaways from the lime burners at Newcastle

77464 Preston Walter Guildford 1812 1814 10 December Newcastle SG
Absconded from the limeburners gang with Francis Parcello, John Cricks, Isaac Walker, John Lee and Thomas Desmond on 25th November

119987 Preston Walter Guildford 1812 - - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine Volume 8
'New South Wales; being a Historical Account of the Colony and its Settlements; with 12 views, engraved by W. Preston, a convict, from drawings by Captain Wallis, 46th regt.,; with a map of Port Macquarie, and the newly discovered River Hastings; by J. Oxley

177800 Preston Walter Guildford 1812 25 January 1819 - Convict Registers of Conditional and Absolute Pardons (Ancestry)
On list of prisoners receiving a pardon in 1819

177801 Preston Walter Guildford 1812 January 1815 Newcastle Colonial Secretarys Correspondence. Series: NRS 898; Reel or Fiche Numbers: Reels 6020-6040, 6070; Fiche 3260-3312
John Lee, Isaac Walker, Walter Preston, Francisco Parcello and John Bricks all sentenced to 50 lashes for absconding

177803 Preston Walter Guildford 1812 6 May 1816 Newcastle Colonial Secretarys Correspondence. Series: NRS 897; Reel or Fiche Numbers: Reels 6041-6064, 6071-6072
Correspondence from Commandant Thomas Thompson stating that Walter Preston and Mary Palmer were in custody at Newcastle

177804 Preston Walter Guildford 1812 - - National Portrait Gallery Online
Walter Preston, engraver and convict, came to New South Wales aboard the Guildford in 1812. Convicted of highway robbery at the Old Bailey in 1811, he was sentenced to death, but this was commuted to transportation for life. On arriving in Sydney, he was assigned to the service of Absalom West, an ex-convict brewer and printer for whom Preston and another convict printmaker, Philip Slaeger, engraved the plates for Views of New South Wales, published by West in 1813 and 1814. Preston re-offended again and in early 1814 was sent to the penal settlement at Newcastle. In company with a convict named Francis Purcell, Preston absconded from Newcastle later that year, but was recaptured and returned to the settlement. Following James Walliss appointment to the command at Newcastle in June 1816, he commissioned Preston to produce a series of twelve engravings later published in Walliss An Historical Account of the Colony of New South Wales.