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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
37781 Portus Ronald - 1848 12 January Morpeth MM
Subscriber for the widow of James McDonald who was drowned at the H.R.S.N. Company's wharf in October

38434 Portus Ronald - 1842 30 April Morpeth HRG
Charged Mary Rogers with visiting the huts of assigned servants

51545 Portus Ronald - 1849 28 February Maitland MM
Fined 2 for furious riding in the streets

68143 Portus Ronald - 1828 - 1828 Census
Born in the colony. Aged 3 in 1828

72688 Portus Ronald - 1850 20 February Morpeth MM
Marriage of Ronald Portus and Elizabeth Ritchie Swales on 13th Feb by special license. Officiating minister Rev. Dr. McGarvie

74939 Portus Ronald - 1850 25 May Morpeth MM
Witness at committal hearing of Thomas Harrington and Charles Lawn

75670 Portus Ronald - 1850 3 July On board the steamer 'Maitland' MM
Witness at trial of Thomas Harrington and Charles Lawn. Had tried to warn James Sommerville of their imminent attack

89918 Portus Ronald - 1852 22 May Morpeth MM
Witness Henry Curlewis assault John Lee

91305 Portus Ronald - 1852 21 July Maitland MM
John Portus charged blacksmith John Clarke with negligently spoiling property (an anchor). Case remanded to wait for R. Portus' evidence

92145 Portus Ronald - 1852 24 July Maitland MM
Witness in court case of John Clarke

113530 Portus Ronald - 1854 15 March Morpeth MM
Died on 10th March at his residence from Measles. Eldest son of John Portus. Aged 28 years

123412 Portus Ronald - 1854 10 March Morpeth Burial Ground Maitland Burial Records
Son of John and Eliza Portus. Died aged 28