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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
143746 Pickers Letitia Midas 1825 1824 16 September St. Luke, Chelsea The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online
Age 26. Found guilty of stealing clothing belonging to Lucy Brix whom she had known for 5 years. Received sentence of death, recommended to mercy by Mrs. Brix who thought she must have been in distress for her family were respectable and she bore an hones character.

182378 Pickers Letitia Midas 1825 19 February 1827 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Letitia Pickers, in service of Mr. John Smith charged with purloining two loaves of bread from her masters bake house. George Furby, adopted son of Mr. Smith states - As I was going across my father s yard on Thursday morning last, I saw the prisoner going towards the kitchen with two loaves in her apron. I could just see the corners of them; I thought at first that she had got them from the baker, but I afterwards ascertained that he had left the bake house some time before I saw her with the bread. Thomas Williams states - I am Mr. Smith s baker. I did not gie the prisoner any loaves on Thursday morning last, nor did I desire any persons to give her any. She asked me for a loaf to take to the hospital. I made her no answer. The loaves before the court are Mr. Smiths. They are of my baking. They are of the value of 10d. To a question from the prisoner - I did not say she might have two loaves if she liked. Mr. John Smith states - The prisoner has lived in my family three months during which time her conduct has been very irregular. She is frequently insolent to my wife and this morning as she passed my door in the custody of a constable, she said she hoped to see all my children begging their bread in the streets before this day twelve months. The prisoner states - I wanted some bread for a person in the hospital and the baker told me to take it. Sentenced to 3rd Class Factory for three months

94000 Pickers (Pickens) Letitia Midas 1825 1831 23 April Newcastle NGE
Servant from Yarmouth. Sentenced to 7 days solitary confinement for disorderly conduct 23 April. Detained in gaol on orders from G Brooks til sent for by her master Mr. Livingstone

175256 Pickers (Pickens) Letitia Midas 1825 January 1827 Newcastle Application to Marry - refused
Edward Foster per Fame, application to marry Letitia Pickers per Midas refused. Particulars awaiting

182340 Pickers (Pickens) Letitia Midas 1825 19 January 1827 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Letitia Pickers per Midas, in the service of Mr. John Smith, charged with absenting herself from her masters service without leave. George Furby (Furber) states - This morning before breakfast the prisoner drank a glass of peppermint with a man who came to the Tap and on my mother being informed of it, she remonstrated on the impropriety of morning drams upon which the prisoner made an excuse to go to the hospital and instead of returning she went down the town and when she had been absent better than an hour, my mother sent me in search of her with directions to hand her over to a constable. I met her coming in a direction as from Rileys public house and had her taken into custody. Letitia Pickens admonished by the Bench