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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
64632 Phelp Alexander - 1830 25 September Newcastle SG
Fitted up apartments in Pacific St. for accommodation of those desirous of sea bathing

78813 Phelp Alexander - 1832 5 July Newcastle SH
Occupying premises in Pacific St. House, offices with frontage of 66' by depth of 99'. Bakery premises. Advertised to be sold

96242 Phelp Alexander - 1830 25 September Newcastle SG
Fitted up apartments in his house in Pacific Street Newcastle for those people interested in sea bathing. House contiguous to the beach. Board and lodging for any period

96243 Phelp Alexander - 1832 3 July Newcatle SG
House and premises in the occupation of Alexander Phelp in full trade as bakery. 66 ft frontage to Pacific st. 100 ft deep. Advertised for sale

175310 Phelp Alexander - 10 August 1832 Newcastle SR NSW Archive Reel: 1583; Series: 12992; Description: Registers of Memorials for Land 1825-1842
Memorial for conveyance of land - Alexander Phelp to James Barker in use to Thomas Barker - All that allotment of land and premises consisting of a dwelling house and bake house situated at No. 11 Pacific Street, Newcastle measuring in front sixty six feet and running in parallel lines back ninety nine feet....

96244 Phelp Alexander Globe 1819 1825 2 June - SG
Obtained Ticket of leave

166542 Phelp (Phelps) Alexander Globe 1819 1819 - Convict Indents (Ancestry)
Tried at Plymouth Assizes 16 March 1818 and sentenced to 7 years transportation..Hair dresser and rope maker. Age 18.

33723 Phelps Alexander - 1847 14 August Morpeth MM
Made donation to the Irish and Scottish Relief Fund

115729 Phelps Alexander - 1837 15 May Newcastle SMH
On list of names of people requested to forward their present address to the Syndey Morning Herald

135703 Phelps Alexander - 1830 November Newcastle AO NSW Convict Indents Fiche No. 677
John Birkitt per 'Royal Admiral' assigned servant

103998 Philip (Phelp) Alexander Globe 1819 - - Maitland Family History Circle's Pre 1900 Pioneer Register
Born 1799 Scotland. Spouse Sophia Nichols. For more information about descendants see Pioneer Register Entry No. 1174

182016 Phillip (Phelp) Alexander - 31 July 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Alexander Philip, free by servitude, appeared to answer an information against him for selling spirituous liquors without being duly licenced. The following affidavit was read in the presence of Alexander Philip and William Brown....Constable William Brown states - that on Saturday last he went to the house of Alexander Philip and called for a half a pint of rum, that it was delivered to him and that he paid down a dump and received three pence change; and he further saith that he drank the rum in the house, no person being present but the inmates thereof.....Alexander Philips states - I know nothing of the transaction. I was at sea on my return from Sydney on the Saturday mentioned by Brown. John Millet being duly sworn - On Saturday week last I was at the house of Mr. Philip all the day. I lived there whilst Mr. Philip was away in Sydney. I was in the house all Saturday evening and all night. If any person had got spirits there that day or that evening I must have seen it. Brown the constable never was in the house to my knowledge on that day or evening. I might have gone out once or twice in the course of the day for water but after sunset I never went out of the house. It is a very small house consisting only of a bedroom and sitting room. I never saw Brown get any spirits at Mr. Philips whilst I was there. There was not any spirits in the house, to my knowledge, till Mr. Philip came from Sydney on the day following when he brought a small quantity with him.. On the Monday evening I was in the house when a man named Johnston was there. He had some spirits to drink but it was bought at his request at a neighbouring public house. Mr. Muir, Chief Constable states - I have noticed the general conduct of the inmates of Mr. Philips house; never saw anything but the most perfect propriety and good order on his part and that of his family. I have frequent opportunities of observing them as I generally pass by the house two or three times every day. This information dismissed by the Bench

102510 Phillips (Phelps) Alexander - 1837 2 December Allotment 11 Newcastle SG
On 15th November 1826 Gov. Darling issued an order for a town allotment in favour of Alexander Philips who sold to Thomas Barker (now absent from the colony) who sold to Alexander Walker Scott who is now making claim for Deed of grant

66302 Phillips (Phelps) (Philps) Alexander Globe 1819 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
Free by Servitude. Aged 28 in 1828. Publican and Baker

140434 Philp (?Phelp) Alexander - 1862 18 October Miller's Forest MM
Died on 14th October 1862 aged 62 years

93185 Philp (Phelp) Alexander - 1831 5 March Newcastle NGE
Elizabeth James per 'Roslin Castle' assigned servant

67377 Philp (Phelp?) Alexander - 1838 5 September Newcastle GG
36 perches originally granted to Phelp re advertised in the name of Alexander Walker Scott

68251 Philps (Phelps) Alexander - 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
John Ramsey per 'Guildford' assigned servant, baker