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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
68417 Parrott (Perrott) Isaac - 1828 Patrick Plains 1828 Census
Thomas Roper per Agamemnon employed by Isaac Perrott as constable

114587 Perrett (Perrott) Isaac - 1830 16 March Patrick Plains In the Service of the Company: letters of Sir Edward Parry. Vol 1, December 1829 - June 1832. . Letter No. 47
Correspondence from Sir Edward Parry in reply to Isaac Perrett that no prisoners by the name of James B. Harris had ever been in the service of the company

181676 Perrett (Perrott) Isaac - 8 February 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Isaac Perrett in continuation from the 6th inst. John Thomas states sometime in the course of yesterday evening my pocket book was thrown in at the window of the house where I reside. I do not miss anything out of it. My money was all safe. James Croft keeper of H.M. Gaol states - Isaac Perrett has been in my custody since the evening of the day before yesterday. He had not any pocket book on his person when I received him at the gaol. .....There not being any proof against Isaac Perrott beyond the evidence of a drunken woman he is ordered to be discharged but under circumstances of suspicion

134004 Perrett (Perrott) Isaac Hadlow 1818 - Darlington Singleton Pioneer Register p. 70
Spouse Mary Ross. Issue George b 1832, Henry b. 1834, Elizabeth Mary b. 1837, Alfred Isaac b. 1839. See Pioneer Register for more details

181670 Perrett (Perrott) Isaac Hadlow 1818 1818 - Convict Indents. State Archives NSW. Microfiche 640. (Ancestry)
Native place North Nibley, Gloucester. Occupation Cloth worker. Tried 1 April 1818 and sentenced to 14 years transportation

181671 Perrett (Perrott) Isaac Hadlow 1818 - Woolwich UK Prison Hulk Registers (Ancestry)
Age 23. Tried at Gloucester 1 April 1818. Received on to the Justitia hulk 12 June 1818 from Gloucster for stealing in a dwelling house. Sent to the Hadlow for transportation to NSW 1 August 1818

81053 Perritt (Perrott) Isaac - 1842 2 April Patrick Plains Examiner
Marriage of Thomas Taylor of West Maitland to Mrs. Perritt, widow of Isaac Perritt of Patrick Plains. Honeymoon at Moreton Bay

181374 Perrott Constable Isaac - 5 July 1825 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Joseph Thorpe and Henry Threlfo both in government service charged with robbery....Mary Ann Stewart states...I was robbed last night of every article of wearing apparel which I possess. I went out in the evening and left my trunk in the care of Thomas Strattles. On my return I found the lock had been forced and everything had gone. I am certain Strattles would not rob me as I am living with him. Amongst other things stolen was the making of a shift which I had cut out, the Gusset and I am positive is part of the shift. Thomas Strattles states Mary Stewart left her box in my charge. Thorpe came into the room...I wanted to go out for a few minutes and asked him to stop whilst I was away. He consented and I left him. The box was then locked and everything safe; on my return Thorpe was gone and the box had been forced and emptied. I gave the alarm to the Chief Constable and told I had no doubt but that Thorpe had committed the robbery. The Chief Constable states...I caused Thorpe to be taken into custody last night by Perrott the Constable. This morning I searched the premises in the occupation of John Mayo who carries on the trade of currier and shoemaker when not employed as a barber which is his government duty, in an apartment of the house in which Henry Threlfo sleeps, who works in the mines, but who is a currier by trade. I discovered a large hole about four feet deep very artfully covered over and there is no doubt but this hole has been many years in existence and used for the sole purpose of secreting stolen property. The house is notorious for a considerable time past for harbouring the worst characters on the settlement. In the hole I found some grains of wheat and maize quite fresh; a young cabbage plant which could not have been out of the ground many hours and the gusset of a shift which Mary Stewart recognises. Isaac Perrott states....I took Thorpe into custody last night, I told him it was for robbing Mary Stewart and advised him to bring the things to light; He told me he knew where they were and would go and get them. I suffered him to go and in about a quarter of an hour he returned and told me he had been asking himself a few questions which had caused him to alter his mind....The prisoners severally deny any knowledge of or participation in the robbery. Sentence: Joseph Thorpe 50 lashes and three years to a penal settlement. Henry Threlfo two years at a penal settlement.

32686 Perrott Isaac - 1828 Patrick Plains 1828 Census
John Calderwood per Prince Regent employed as Constable and scourger by Isaac Perrott

72205 Perrott Isaac - 1850 9 January Maitland MM
Cautioned and discharged after being charged with drunkenness

101377 Perrott Isaac - 1831 Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle
Marriage of Isaac Perrott of Darlington to Mary Ross of Darlington

181298 Perrott Isaac - 4 July 1825 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Catherine McCarthy per Grenada and Sarah Cunningham per John Bull, in the service of E.C. Close charged with drunkenness, outrageous behaviour, abusive language to their master and resisting the proper authorities. Isaac Perrott a constable stated - I was on duty at Mr. Closes at Wallis Plains on Friday evening. I was called upon to take charge of Sarah Cunningham who was drunk and fighting with the overseer; I had some difficulty in taking her into custody; the commandant and Mr. Close were present. She abused them both in the grosses terms. Shortly afterwards I was called upon to take Catherine McCarthy into custody. She was not so outrageous as the other woman but she was also drunk and made use of very insolent language to the Commandant and Mr. Close. When they got sober next morning they told me they were sorry for what had happened. Edward Charles Close by letter states - it is the belief of McCarthy and Cunningham that if they get to Sydney they will either escape or by some means be left on their own hands. There was not a man on the farm dare go near them. Their abuse was unceasing and their impertinence excessive. The prisoners admit the justice of the accusation as for Friday but deny having conducted themselves improperly the following morning. Being questioned whether they had any complaint to make against their master or mistress, they state they had no complaint having been always treated with kindness and express sorrow for their misconduct. Sentenced to 14 days solitary confinement in the cells at Newcastle and afterwards to be sent to the Factory at Parramatta for six months.

181669 Perrott Isaac - 6 February 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Isaac Perrott, a constable from Patrick Plains, accused of having in his possession a pocket book containing a fifty dollar bank note, a ten dollar note a four dollar note and sundry other papers, the property of John Thomas, which had been stolen from him. John Thomas states - I was walking down George St. about an hour ago when Calvert s wife called to me from Skarr s House and invited me in. I went in. There were in the house besides Mrs. Calvert, Martha Young, Sarah Freeman, Isaac Perrott and some others. I drank something with them but did not remain long. When I went into the house I had my pocket book in the pocket of my trousers. I had not gone but a short distance from Scarr s house when I missed my book. I instantly returned. The same party were in the house except Perrott. I made known my loss and a constable was sent for. I suspected Sarah Freeman in the first instance as I had been sitting very near to her. All the party underwent a search but nothing was found. Soon after Sarah Freeman told me she had seen Perrott pick something dark off the floor and that he privately showed it to a man present and then put it in his pocket and went away. Sarah Freeman states - I saw Perrott pick something off the floor at Scarrs . He showed it to Satchwell who was of our party. Perrott then winked and put it in his pocket and went away. I thought it was Mrs. Calverts and that they were playing her tricks. I mentioned to John Thomas what I had seen as soon as they had searched me. William Turvey, constable states - I was sent for to Scarrs to search for a pocket book. John Thomas accused in the first instance Sarah Freeman and a water carrier whom I found there and I took them into custody. I searched them also Mrs. Calvert and Satchwell, but could not find anything. Sarah Freeman afterwards said she saw Perrot pick something like a book from the floor. I took him into custody. Charles Satchwell states - Perrott did not show anything to me privately or in any other way at Scarrs. I never saw him give me the office or wink at me. I am not particularly acquainted with Perrott. I merely know him as a constable. I travelled with him lately from Wallis Plains. Sarah Freeman was the nearest of any to John Thomas. Perrott was seated in a different part of the room. He could not have taken anything out of John Thomas pocket, he was too far off. Sophia Calvert states - Perrott was seated at a distance from Thomas. I was sitting near him, we were drinking some wine. We had three pints between us. None of the party were the worse for liquor except Sarah Freeman. She was close to Thomas. She was hanging about him and she was kissing him. Although a free woman I suffered myself to be searched. Martha Young corroborates the statement of Mrs. Calvert. The further investigation of this business is postpone till further proof can be obtained. In the meant time Isaac Perrott ordered into safe custody and Sarah Freeman to gaol for coming before the court intoxicated.

86051 Perrott Isaac Adelaide 1849 1851 1 October Singleton MM
Ticket of leave cancelled for being absent from district

90639 Perrott Isaac Adelaide 1849 1852 2 June Singleton MM
Ticket of leave restored

108658 Perrott Isaac and Mary - 1832 28 October Darlington Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. Baptisms p18
Occupation: Farmer. Baptism of son George

52644 Perrott (Perret) Isaac Hadlow 1818 1828 2 January Patrick Plains SG
Obtained Ticket of Leave

13945 Perrott (Perrett) Constable Isaac - 1831 11 January Liverpool Plains SG
Constable - apprehended Osmond and Hudson on the road to Liverpool Plains

31138 Perrott (Perrett) Isaac - 1828 Port Stephens 1828 Census
Employed Constable John Blackmore

33886 Perrott (Perrett) Isaac - 1828 Patrick Plains 1828 Census
Patrick Caslin per Canada employed as Constable with Perrott

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