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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
30821 Palesier (Palliser) George - 1835 4 August Glendon SG
Assigned to Robert Scott. Took over as stockkeeper when Joseph Manning was sent to prison

30822 Palesier (Palliser) George - 1835 4 August Glendon SG
Witness in trial of John White

112585 Palisser (Palliser) George - 1838 6 December Sydney SG
John Blake, George Palisser, James Lamb and Charles Toulouse, the four men who were indicted with the other 7 for the murder of blacks, remanded for trial at the next Sessions

129049 Pallasser (Palliser) George Exmouth 1831 1837 Patrick Plains GRC
Age 25. Ticket of leave holder

19339 Palliser George - - Liverpool Plains -
Identified by G. Anderson to be part of the Myall Creek massacre

107383 Palliser George - 1839 16 February Sydney SG
Free. With James Lamb and Charles Toulouse charged with the murder of aborigines at Liverpool Plains (Myall Creek). Allowed bail

107386 Palliser George - 1838 20 November Liverpool Plains SG
Employed by Mr. Jolliffe who was superintendent to Messrs. Bell. Described as a quiet well disposed man. To stand trial for the murder of aborigines at Myall Creek

112575 Palliser George - 1838 20 November Myall Creek SG
Thursday 15 November 1838 – Supreme Court – Charles Kilmaister, William Hawkins, John Blake, John Johnston, Charles Toulouse, Charles Lamb, Edward Foley, James Oates, James Parry, George Palliser and John Russell, were indicted for the wilful murder of one Daddy, an Aboriginal black native, on the 9th June 1838. There were 9 counts in the indictment, charging the prisoners in different forms with committing the murder, and aiding and abetting each other in the murder of Daddy, or of an Aboriginal black to the Attorney General unknown. For the prosecution – The Attorney General and Mr. R. Therry. For the defence Messrs Foster, a’Beckett and Windeyer. List of the Jury – Thomas Holmes, Foreman; David Hill; George Humphries; John Harris; Joseph Hanson; Mattias Hooper; Charles Hensley; Thomas Harper; Henry Hough; William Howard; Andrew Higgins, and John Hall. Witnesses included Thomas Foster, Superintendent of Dr. Newton’s station on the Big River; William Hobbs, superintendent employed by Henry Dangar; George Anderson, hutkeeper and assigned servant to Henry Dangar; John Bates, hutkeeper assigned to Mr. Dight; Warren (or William) Mace, ticket of leave man living at Mr. Dight’s station; Charles Reid, servant to Henry Dangar; Henry Dangar, settler; Thomas Simpson Hall, settler, master of James Oates (Hall’s Jemmy); George Bowman, farmer and grazier, master of John Johnston; Mr. Jolliffe, superintendent to Messrs Bell; His Honor summed up at great length, minutely recapitulating the whole of the evidence, and the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty, after having retired about a quarter of an hour. The prisoners were all remanded for trial on the same charges, the Crown officers being dissatisfied with the verdict. It is their intention to indict the prisoners for the murder of an aboriginal woman, and to call the same evidence in support of the case. The trial is to take place on the following Monday

107382 Palliser George Exmouth 1831 1835 10 October Patrick Plains SG
Granted Ticket of Leave

164370 Palliser George Exmouth 1831 - Retribution Hulk Woolwich UK Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books. Ancestry
Age 20. Convicted of stealing a coat at Skipton Quarter Sessions on 13 July 1830 and sentenced to 7 years transportation.Received from York onto the Retribution Hulk on 15th August 1830 and transferred to the convict ship Exmouth for transportation to New South Wales on 21 February 1831

178426 Palliser George Exmouth 1831 13 September 1838 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW. Roll 136
John Blake, Charles Kilmeister, William Hawkins, John Johnstone, Charles Toulouse, James Lamb, Edward Foley, James Oates, James Parry, George Palliser all admitted to Newcastle gaol from the Big River charged with murder. Forwarded to Sydney Gaol 15th September 1838

178432 Palliser George Exmouth 1831 - - Convict Indents. State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12189; Item: [X633]; Microfiche: 697
Age 21. Native place Farnham. Stockman and farm labourer. Tried at Skipton 13 July 1830 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing a coat. Assigned to Robert and Helenus Scott at Hunter River on arrival.