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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
167808 Owen Lieutenant Thomas - 25 August 1825 Newcastle The Australian
BUSHRANGERS. (Extract of a Letter from Newcastle, dated the 19th inst.) " We have lost all traces of the banditti now at large. Lieut. Owen returned to Newcastle yesterday, having been recalled from the pursuit of them, by orders from head quarters, directing him to join his own companyt(light infantry) at Port Macquarie. He will leave this place universally regretted ; he is both a gentleman and a soldier. Lieut. Wright succeeds him.

167809 Owen Lieutenant Thomas - 27 April 1827 Port Macquarie The Monitor
CAPT. INNES, whose brief command at Port Macquarie, was sufficiently protracted to make his retirement from that station a subject of regret to all concerned, is we see relieved by Lieut. Owens, 3rd Reg. who has long filled the post of Engineer at Newcastletand Port Macquarie respectively.

71314 Owen Lieutenant Thomas H - 1824 Newcastle CSI
3rd regiment. Recommended for appointment of Naval Officer at Newcastle

17128 Owens Lieutenant Thomas - 1824 Newcastle CSI
3rd Regiment (Buffs). Naval Officer

78059 Owens Lieutenant Thomas - 1825 13 January - Australian
Commander of detachment of Buffs at Newcastle. Pursued escapees who stole the commandant's vessel which they swamped at Reid's Mistake