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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
92165 Ogg Mrs. William Anderson - 24 July 1852 George St. Sydney MM
Gave birth to a son on 18th July

10191 Ogg William Anderson - 27 January 1844 Maitland MM
Worked at Mr. Skinners store.

12999 Ogg William Anderson - 28 September 1844 Morpeth Maitland Mercury
Worked at Mr. Skinners Stores. Witness at trial of Benjamin Stanley

57959 Ogg William Anderson - 1849 8 September East Maitland MM
Entered into partnership with Edward Ogg. Storekeepers

76850 Ogg William Anderson - 7 September 1850 Maitland MM
Requesting public meeting to consider the adjourned resolutions before the Legislative Council on the renewal of transportation

81903 Ogg William Anderson - 1851 12 February Maitland MM
Granted Spirit Merchants license

84028 Ogg William Anderson - 1851 18 June Sydney MM
Marriage of William Anderson Ogg of Morpeth, formerly of Arbroath, Scotland, to Ann Anderson, eldest daughter of the late Andrew Smith of the same place on 11th June. Officiating clergy Rev. Alexander Salmon

85210 Ogg William Anderson - 16 August 1851 Maitland MM
Campaigning for George Robert Nichols to represent the Northumberland Boroughs in the Legislative Council

88602 Ogg William Anderson - 28 February 1852 Morpeth MM
Leaving for Sydney. Selling a portion of his furniture

89241 Ogg William Anderson - 1852 3 April - MM
Partnership between Edward and William Anderson Ogg dissolved

89242 Ogg William Anderson - 1852 3 April Morpeth MM
Store at Morpeth to be under the managemet of James Campbell

90237 Ogg William Anderson - 2 June 1852 Collected in Morpeth MM
Subscribed to Testimonial for E.C. Close

93053 Ogg William Anderson - 25 August 1852 Morpeth Stores MM
Closing store for stock take

94274 Ogg William Anderson - 4 September 1852 Morpeth MM
Disposed of his Morpeth Stores to James Campbell

94538 Ogg William Anderson - 11 September 1852 Maitland MM
Employed Jasper Brown as assistant at his store