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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
150474 Nunn Brevet Major James Winniett - 1841 25 May - SH
On list of Military Officers on duty in NSW in 1841. Entered the army 7 April 1804

174764 Nunn Captain James Winniett (Major James Winniett) - 24 March 1824 La Valetta, Malta Trial of Captain Thomas Atchison at Malta (Google Books)
80th regiment.Present at the court-martial of Captain Thomas Atchison of the Royal Artillery.

60743 Nunn Major - 1839 28 May - SG
Mounted Police. Took passage on the steamer in consequence of disturbances in the Upper Hunter

174763 Nunn Major James Loftus Winniett - - - The Army List - 80th Regiment
Appointed Ensign 29th October 1847; Lieutenant 22 February 1850; Captain 27 November 1857; Major 27 April 1870 - Major Nunn served with the 80th regiment in the Burmese war of 1852 and was present at the capture of Martalan operations before Rangoon on the 12th, 13th and 14th April, and capture of the great Dagon Pagoda (with the advanced storming party), and capture of Prome (Medal with Clasp for Pegu). Served in the campaign in Oude in 1858 - 59, and present at the capture of Simree Fort, Bera, Doondeakeira (Medal) (?son of Major James Nunn)

19324 Nunn Major James Winniett - 1838 26 January Liverpool Plains Wikipedia
Led detachment of Military Police against Kamilaroi tribe. Became known as the Slaughterhouse Creek Massacre / Waterloo Creek massacre

101009 Nunn Major James Winniett - 1837 16 September - SG
80th regiment. Commandant of the Mounted Police. Appointed Magistrate

133291 Nunn Major James Winniett - 1839 27 May - This errant lady: Jane Franklin s overland journey to Port Philip and Sydney
A detachment of Mounted Police under the command of Lieutenant Christie accompanied Major Nunn and Lady Jane Franklin on the steamer Tamar to Maitland

168761 Nunn Major James Winniett - 31 August 1840 Sydney SH
GENERAL COURT MARTIAL A General Court Martial commenced at Sydney, on Monday, 27th July on Lieut Richard Talbot Sayers, of the 80th Regiment, late of the Mounted Police on the following charges vvhich had been preferred against him, by his commanding officer in the Mounted Police, Brevet Major James Winnett Nunn, of the 80th. Charged with conduct unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman after his conduct while at Jerrys Plains and Cassilis. Witnesses included Sergeant Lee, Arthur Blaxland

174766 Nunn Major James Winniett - c. 1838 - National Library of Australia
Portrait of Major James Winniett....

103216 Nunn Major James Winniett...... Mangles 1837 11 July 1837 Sydney SG
80th regt., Arrived on the Mangles

174765 Nunn (obit.,) Lieut-Col James Winniett (Major James Winniett) - 2 February 1847 Meerut Gentleman s Magazine
Obituary - At Meerut, Lieut-Col James Winniett Nunn, of the 80th Foot. He entered the service as Ensign April 7 1804; was presented to a Lieutenancy 1805; to a Captaincy 1810; a brevet Majority 1830; and to a Lieut-Colonelcy 1844. He served with much distinction in Egypt, and was present at the capture of Genoa in 1814. His last services were with his regiment, the 80th Foot, during the Sutlej campaign.