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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
11935 Mulhall Captain - 1844 22 June - MM
of the Steamer 'Thistle'

18570 Mulhall Captain - 1845 27 September - MM
Member of Committee for Morpeth and Hinton Regatta

46401 Mulhall Captain - 1848 11 October Maitland MM
Captain of the steamer 'Thistle'. Handed over articles believed to have been stolen by Theresa Redmond

55644 Mulhall Captain - 1847 8 May Newcastle MM
Woman threw herself into the ocean from the steamer 'Thistle' on the way from Newcastle to Sydney

56255 Mulhall Captain - 1847 9 June Maitland MM
Provided flags for the Maitland Hospital Bazaar

56959 Mulhall Captain - 1849 25 July Pyrmont, Sydney MM
Son John Albert Reid died aged 2yrs and 7 mths

78806 Mulhall Captain - 1832 23 April Newcastle SH
Captain of the vessel 'Abeona'.

80542 Mulhall Captain - 1835 31 March on the passage from Sydney to Newcastle on 12 th January Australian
Captain of the steamer Sophia Jane when she collided with the Tamar

82174 Mulhall Captain - 1836 30 September - Australian
First trip on the newly refitted Tamar to take place soon

89210 Mulhall Captain - 1852 3 April - MM
Peter Onslow, seaman on the Thistle steamer charged with larceny by Captain Mulhall. Bench undecided and case sent to the Attorney General for his opinion

102691 Mulhall Captain - 1853 13 July - MM
Purchased the schooner Raven at auction. Previous owner W. Dean

112788 Mulhall Captain - 1833 7 November Hunter River SG
'Captain Mulhall, the gentleman who commands the Sophia Jane steamer, is a native of the colony, and has also the honour of being the first native commander of a steam vessel. For kindness and civility, it is generally allowed there are none superior to him in the colony. There are some great difficulties attached to the navigating of the river Hunter. At low water in places there are hardly sufficient water for the Sophia Jane. The experience of the captain enables him to avoid every danger and though sometimes checked in her career, yet his superior management carries her cheerily along'

41941 Mulhall Captain William - 1848 14 June - MM
Master ofthe 'Thistle' steamer

162614 Mulhall Captain William - 4 August 1836 - The Colonist
Captain Mulhall, whose conduct gave universal satisfaction during the time the Sophia Jane was under his command, has been appointed commander of the Tamar steamer

162615 Mulhall Captain William - 25 July 1889 Pyrmont Illustrated Sydney News
The oldest inhabitant of Pyrmont is Captain William Mulhall, who resides in Harris Street. Captain Mulhall is a native of Parramatta, and was born on 2nd May 1808. He has been a resident of Pyrmont for more than fifty years. He commanded the first steamer brought to this colony - the Sophia Jane - and traded with her up the Hunter. He subsequently entered the A.S.N. Company's service, in which he remained for eight and twenty years. The captain who is still as brisk as a bee, and in the full possession of his mental faculties, recollects the time, more than seventy years ago it is, when Pitt street and Castlereagh street were full of tree stumps, and many a time has he stood and watched the convicts grubbing them out of the soil. Black fellows about Pyrmont in those days? said the captain to the writer. 'Any amount. They most frequented Benelong's Point, where the battery now stands. They had a big camp up there. Oh! I remember them well'.

162616 Mulhall Captain William - 28 February 1863 - MM
The A.S.N. Company's fine new paddle steamer Coonanbara made a trip down the harbour on Saturday afternoon, for the purpose of testing her machinery. The measured mile was performed n four minutes two seconds, equal to fifteen knots, or eighteen statute miles per hour. The steamer was taken down in charge of Captain O'Rielly, and, after proceeding for a few miles outside the heads to test her qualities in the sea way, returned to her moorings, It is anticipated that the Coonanbara will be ready to take her place on the Hunter River line in the course of next week, under the command of Captain William Mulhall

162617 Mulhall Captain William - 1 September 1859 - MM
Captain Mulhall, master of the A.S. N. Co's steamer Collaroy, praised for his efforts in determining the location of a ship wreck near Terrigal beach

162618 Mulhall Captain William - 14 June 1856 - MM
Correspondence from William Mulhall re a collision between the Collaroy steamer and the Williams under Captain Barnes. Captain Mulhall had been on the Hunter River steamers for over twenty years. The Collaroy had just finished unloading passengers and cargo when she was struck by the Williams

162619 Mulhall Captain William - 26 November 1853 - MM
The quickest passage (yet on record) from Williams Town, Port Philip to Sydney, was made five years previously by the Thistle steamer, under Captain William Mulhall. This was done in 52 hours from that place to the A.S.N. Company's Wharf, Sydney and including a detention of four hours at Twofold Bay, ths reducing the actual sailing time to forty eight hours independently of the time occupied by diverging from her proper course. Captain Mulhall also made the trip from the bar of Moreton Bay to the Hunter River Wharf in 40 hours. These passages have never yet been beaten

6063 Mullhall (Mulhall) Captain - 1835 25 March Newcastle Wilson v. Grose - SC
Captain of the 'Sophia Jane' when she collided with the 'Tamar'