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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
166926 Mitchell Major Sir Thomas Livingston - 10 March 1832 - The Sydney Monitor
We are sorry to learn, that the Major has not succeeded in attaining the object of his expedition. His return is expected today. The streams the Major fell in with do not run to the North West, but into the Darling. The natives were hostile. They killed two of the Major's party and plundered his stores. In the month of November last, the Major left Sydney, and accompanied by a sufficient number of assistants, proceeded on his long and precarious journey. At Segenhoe the estate of Mr. Sempill, he received from the latter gentleman the loan of a very useful man of the name of Bombelli, who went along with the party and in three or four weeks returned to Segenhoe, on his way to Darlington with despatches for the Government. In returning from the Major, Bombelli met with Mr. Surveyor Finch who was going to the appointed depot with a ton of flour. Having delivered his despatches at Sydney, and returned to Segenhoe, Mr. Sempill immediately forwarded him on. After travelling one hundred and fifty miles, he overtook Mr. finch and party, who were greatly in want of water. Mr. F. having a day or two before passed a place where water was plentiful and it being only about nine miles behind them, determined on going back to it for a supply, leaving Bomelli and the bullock driver in charge of the drays. Early on the following morning Mr. Finch returned when to his indiscribable horror he found them both stretched on the ground, mangled corpses, having been murdered by the Blacks, who had decamped with the whole of his flour. Mr. Finch hurried with all possible speed after Major Mitchell whom he overtook far in the interior

108112 Mitchell Major Thomas Livingston - 1836 10 February Gloucester, Parish of Stockton. GG 1836
Lieut-Col Snodgrass & Maj. T.L. Mitchell - land grant in trust for Mrs. William McLean with reversion to Miss Janet Wright Snodgrass. 640 acres promised by Gov. Darling 6 April 1829

29392 Mitchell Major Thomas Livingstone - 1834 7 August Maitland SG
Granted 80 acres of land at Maitland

143341 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingston - 1929 22 February London SMH
Death of Mrs. Philip Dauncey, widow of Major Dauncey and last surviving daughter of the late Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell, Surveyor-General of NSW. Mrs. Dauncey formerly resided at Carthona, Darling Point Sydney

38484 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1842 19 February Peel River HRG
Son of Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell, a young surveyor, became lost in the bush near Dungowan Creek. 'Mistook his right hand for his left and proceeded east instead of west'

74621 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1850 4 May Maitland MM
Forwarded a Spanish pruning sickle to the Hunter River Vineyard Assoc., meeting

86112 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1851 4 October near the Water Reserve, Sydney MM
Duel between Sir Thomas Mitchell (Surveyor General) and Stuart A. Donaldson after remarks made by Donaldson in his election speech at Paterson regarding expenditure on Crown lands

86422 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1851 25 October - MM
Roderick Mitchell, son of Sir Thomas Mitchell, drowned after falling overboard in a storm

88344 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1841 10 February Sydney FP
Surveyor. Returned from England

93584 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1834 26 March Co. Northumberland, parish of Maitland. Commencing at John Cahill's land GG 1834
80 acres of land promised to Catherine Bunn (?Burr) claimed by Thomas Livingstone Mitchell

93783 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1855 5 October - The Annual Register (Google Books)
In New South Wales, aged 63, Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell, knt., Surveyor General of that colony, D.C.L., Fellow of the Royal and the Royal Geographical Societies. Sir Thomas was the eldest son of John Mitchell, esq., by the daughter of Alexander Miln, esq., of Carron Works; and was the chief of the family of Mitchell, of Craigend, which took the name of Livingstone, on a marriage with the heiress of a brother of Lord Viscount Kilsyth, attainted in 1716. He joined the army in the Peninsula when only 16, and served on Wellington's staff to the close of the war. He was sent back to survey the battle-fields of the Peninsula. In 1827 he waa sent to survey Eastern Australia, having the appointment of Deputy Surveyor General, under Mr. Oxley, whom he succeeded. SirThomas Mitchell made several exploring expeditions into the interior of the country, of which valuable narratives have been published. He was knighted by Her Majesty in 1839, in presenting a map of his surveys and discoveries; and in the same year he received from the University of Oxford the honorary degree of D.C.L.

93978 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1834 18 June Situated in parish of Maitland bounded by Smith's land and Wallis Creek GG 1834
Surveyor General. Claim to 30 acres of land

94258 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1852 4 September Sydney MM
Seriously ill. Possibly having to postpone his voyage to England

94526 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1852 8 September - MM
Intended voyage to England for purpose of procuring a fair trial of his invention known as the Boomerang Propeller for steam ships had to be postponed due to ill health

100561 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1853 4 June London MM
Testing of Sir Thomas Mitchell's new invention, the Boomerang Screw Propeller by Messrs. McKean, McLarty and co of Liverpool on the vessel 'Geneva'

100564 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1846 26 December - Moreton Bay Courier
An account of Sir Thomas Mitchell's exploratory expeditions in the interior and the progress made in finding the overland route to Port Essington. First despatch dated 9th Sept., 1846 from the camp at the head of the River Salvator

100566 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1841 20 February Petty's Hotel, Sydney SG
Dinner held at Petty's Hotel to honor Sir Thomas Mitchell

100567 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1855 10 October At his residence, Darling Point MM
Death of Sir Thomas Mitchell at 5.15pm from a severe attack of bronchitis which 'defied all the efforts of medical skill and terminated fatally after a few days illness'.

100570 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone - 1869 22 May Elizabeth Street Sydney The Brisbane Courier
Thomas Octavius Mitchell, eighth son of Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell committed suicide by gunshot following breakdown in his marriage and subsequent financial encumbrances

100569 Mitchell Sir Thomas Livingstone Croesus 1854 1854 22 April Sydney MM
Return of Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell after an absence of some months in England testing the qualitites of his newly invented propeller

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