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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
72476 McGivaney (McGivney) Chief Constable John - 1850 2 February Murrurundi MM
Appointed chief constable

73618 McGivaney (McGivney) Chief Constable John - 1850 27 February Murrurundi MM
Appointed inspector of slaughter houses

74624 McGivaney (McGivney) Chief Constable John - 1850 4 May Murrurundi MM
Appointed bailiff of Small Debts Court in room of Joseph Elford, resigned

82400 McGivaney (McGivney) Constable John - 1851 5 March - MM
Constable at Murrurundi. Witness in trial of George Brown

85616 McGivaney (McGivney) John - 1851 3 September - MM
Chief constable at Murrurundi. Witness at the trial of James Barry

87195 McGivney Chief constable John - 1851 17 December Murrurundi MM
Giving notice re a stolen mare

85628 McGivney Constable John - 1851 3 September Pages River MM
Witness at the trial of Margaret Holmes

92243 McGivney Constable John - 1852 28 July Murrurundi MM
Apprehended Thomas Marshall for assaulting Magistrate Thomas Haydon

88623 McGivney John - 1852 3 March Maitland MM
Constable at Murrurundi. Witness at trial of John O'Dell

94807 McGivney John - 1852 29 September - MM
John McGivney offering reward for information about Henry Park who had left his team of bullocks and disappeared in company with a female

98357 McGivney John - 1853 9 March Peel River MM
Witness at the trial of George Pearce

125693 McGivney John - 1863 2 March Maitland Circuit court SMH
Committed for trial for horse stealing

172253 McGivney John - 23 August 1855 Maitland Court SMH
Former Chief Constable at Murrurundi. Sentenced to three months in Maitland gaol for permitting a prisoner charged with a felony to escape from his custody at Murrurundi

172254 McGivney John Eden 1837 February 1863 Maitland Gaol Gaol Entrance Books. State Archives NSW; State Archives NSW; Roll: 2370
Labourer from Co. Louth. Admitted to Maitland gaol. Remanded