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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
100943 Mathew (Matthew) Felton - 1835 3 January Sydney SG
Appointed Surveyor of the Town of Sydney

5301 Matthew Felton - - - -

41988 Matthew Felton - 1848 17 June - MM
Died at Lima on 26th November 1847 on his way to England. First Surveyor General of New Zealand. Aged 46

66336 Matthew Felton - 1840 8 July New Zealand CJ
Appointed Surveyor General of New Zealand on 1st January 1840

96276 Matthew Felton - 1840 7 January Newtown, Sydney SG
Advertising a residence at Newtown for sale. Newly built stone house with all the necessary offices. About 10 acres of land cleared and under cultivation. Abundant never failing supply of water.

103305 Matthew Felton - 1837 22 July Sydney SG
Appointed Surveyor of the tow nof Sydney

115589 Matthew Felton - 1848 8 July Lima The Courier (Hobart)
First Surveyor-General of NZ. Died on his way to England after a protracted illness on 26th November aged 45

115590 Matthew Felton - 1835 2 May - SG
Appointed Commissioner of Crown Lands in NSW

115591 Matthew Felton - 1836 15 December Brickfield Hill, Sydney SG
Editorial regarding Felton Matthew's work at Brickfield Hill

140714 Matthew Felton - 1902 19 May The Rocks, Sydney SMH
The Rocks in the Olden Days - Felton Matthew placed a board on the Three Crowns Public House at the south end and another on the wall enclosing the grounds of Archdeacon Scott at the north end, each having Cumberland Street on it.

140715 Matthew Felton - 1839 13 April - SG
Correspondence re charges of mal practice in the discharge of his official duties at Cooks River

168900 Matthew Felton - 20th February 1830 Dalwood George Wyndham's Diary . p.2
Stayed with George Wyndham at Dalwood for two days

115592 Matthew (Mathew) Felton Morley 1829 1829 Sheerness to Sydney Immigrant Diaries held in the Manuscript Collection, National Library of Australia
Surveyor. Kept diary of the voyage on the 'Morley' convict ship