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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
79018 Macham (Matcham) Charles Horatio Nelson - - Erina Enchanted Waters
2560 acres adjoined Willoughby Bean's land

93292 Matcham - - 1834 8 January Brsibane Water, Co. Northumberland GG 1834
Land Sale. 640 acres bounded by land of Bean and of Matcham. Applied for by C.D.L. Fattorini

24703 Matcham Charles Horatio - 1843 Erina ER

142751 Matcham Charles Horatio - 1837 Brisbane Water GRC
Thomas Byrne per 'St. Vincent' assigned servant

142752 Matcham Charles Horatio - 1905 24 October - SMH
Nephew of Lord Nelson. Resided near Yass at Bogolong and buried on 12 March 1844 in St. Clement's Cemetery by Rev. Brigstocke

142753 Matcham Charles Horatio - 1909 22 May - The Mercury (Hobart)
Extract of correspondence written by George Matcham regarding his son Charles Horatio Matcham who was going to Port Jackson to take up a land grant in 1828

93609 Matcham Charles Horatio Nelson - 1834 2 April East branch of Williams River at junction of Thalaba Brook, Co. Durham GG 1834
Gentleman of Prince Street, Sydney. Application for 2560 acres of land promised to Benjamin Sullivan in1828 by Gov. Darling

94075 Matcham Charles Horatio Nelson - 1834 9 July Co. Durham; town of Clarence, Parish of Uffington GG 1834
Application for town allotment; 1/2 acre allotment no. 8

125813 Matcham Charles Horatio Nelson - 1836 26 October Brisbane Water GG
Assigned 1 farm labourer, 1 clerk and solder, 1 hatmaker, 1 gilder's boy, 1 warehouseman, 1 gardener's labourer from the convict ship 'Moffatt' on 12 October

125814 Matcham Horatio Nelson - 1913 19 May Gosford The Mercury (Hobart)
2560 grant of land to Horatio Nelson Matcham, son of George Matcham, who married Catherine Nelson, Lord Nelson's youngest sister. A collection of Nelson relics were presented to the 'Australasian Pioneers' Club' by the Wilshire family who were related to Lord Nelson. Included bronzes of Lord Nelson, copies of Nelson's baptism certificate, and a letter by Nelson

147439 Matcham (Ebsworth) Harriette - 1839 19 April St. Philips Church Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser
Marriage of Thomas Lindsey Ebsworth Esq., to Miss Harriette Matcham, both of Port Stephens. Minister Rev. William Cowpe

65103 Matchens (Matcham) Horatio Nelson - 1833 30 July Williams River SG
Purchased Thalaba from Major Benjamin Sullivan