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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
23447 Martin Michael - 1846 16 September - MM
Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund

26035 Martin Michael - 1846 12 December Morpeth MM
Fined 20/- for keeping a savage dog

37776 Martin Michael - 1848 12 January Morpeth MM
Subscriber for the widow of James McDonald who was drowned at the H.R.S.N. Company's wharf in October

43503 Martin Michael - 1848 19 July Morpeth MM
County Northumberland elector supporting Henry Dangar for the Legislatvie Council

82741 Martin Michael - 1851 2 April Morpeth MM
Charged William Stanton under the Tenements Act afte he paid 9 pounds for the goodwill of a farm rented from E.C. Close.

136061 Martin Michael - 1871 2 December Raymond Terrace MM
Freeholder. Petitioner opposing the proposed incorporation of the Municipality of Raymond Terrace

150633 Martin Michael - 1866 4 September St. Brigid's NSW Australian Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records
Marriage of Joseph Eckford (b. 1841 at Maitland, son of James Eckford) to Bridget Ann Martin (b. 1845 in Morpeth, dau. of Michael Martin)

17814 Martin Michael Governor Ready 1829 1832 28 June Jerrys Plains SG
Wheelwright assigned to C.L. Brown

169127 Martin Michael Governor Ready 1829 15 January 1840 Stonequarry Application to Marry
Michael Martin age 35 per Governor Ready, application to marry Jane Noble per Diamond age 24. Granted.

169126 Martin Michael Governor Ready 1829 ? 14 March 1828 Ennis Assizes Freemans Journal. - Irish Newspaper Archives
Ennis Assizes - Michael Martin sentenced to 7 years transportation for larceny

150636 Martin Michael and Margaret - 1873 29 April Raymond Terrace Australian Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records
Marriage of Matthew John Martin (b. 1843 in Morpeth, son of Michael Martin and Margaret O'Brien) to Mary Ann Noonan (b. 1850 at Tomago, dau of Patrick Noonan and Bridget Carey)