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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
95201 MacPherson Major - 1852 9 October Newcastle MM
Of Newcastle. Sworn in a magistrate of the Territory

174527 MacPherson Major Ewen - 2 August 1845 New Zealand MM
An account of the military action between New Zealanders and the British forces under Colonel Despard. It was planned that the main assault would be conducted by Major Macpherson of 99th regiment with 40 grenadiers each of the 58th and 99th regts, a small party of seamen and 30 volunteer militia....Major Macpherson receive a slighter wound during the action but gallantly persevered until struck down with a more serious injury (not killed). One third of the men actually engaged fell in the attack during the 8 days of the battle.

19956 MacPherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 14 January 1846 - MM
Of the 99th Regiment. Sworn in as Magistrate

174528 Macpherson (McPherson) Brevet Major Ewen - 1845 New Zealand Our Antipodes; Or, Residence and Rambles in the Australian ..., Volume 2 By Godfrey Charles Mundy
An account of the battle in which Major MacPherson was wounded

26552 Macpherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 1847 23 January Newcastle MM
Of 99th Regiment. Magistrate

26656 Macpherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 1847 6 February Newcastle MM
Accompanied the Governor on horseback on his tour of Nobby's Island, the Stockade and the gaol

32065 Macpherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 1847 5 June Newcastle MM
99th Regiment

33975 Macpherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 21 August 1847 Newcastle MM
Present at Lodge of Odd Fellows meeting

36643 Macpherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 17 November 1847 - MM
Laid Foundation stone of the Scotch Church

59503 Macpherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 1849 31 October Newcastle MM
Retiring from the army and intending to reside in Newcastle with his family

59631 MacPherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 7 November 1849 ? MM
99th Regiment. Departed on the Franklin for Hobart with Miss MacPherson Miss M. Macpherson, Master Macpherson

60028 MacPherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 1 December 1849 - MM
Late of the 99th Regiment. Daughter Mary married Alfred Cox (son of William) on 26th November 1849 at Parramatta

64151 Macpherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 1845 8 February Norfolk Island The Atlas
Eldest daughter Annie married Robert Hamilton on 28th January

64152 Macpherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 8 February 1845 Sydney The Atlas
99th regiment. Arrived with wife and 4 children from Norfolk Island 29th January

94684 MacPherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 22 September 1852 Newcastle MM
Appointed Magistrate of the Territory

122260 Macpherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 9 September 1842 Illawarra GG
Appointed Assistant Engineer and Superintendent of Ironed Gangs at Illawarra

174529 MacPherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 5 February 1844 Wollongong SMH
WOLLONGONG, JANUARY 30.-This evening, Major Macpherson, of the 99th, left our shores, deeply, as well as universally regretted. Such a stirring, exciting scene has not occurred here for many a day. Wollongong seemed quite in commotion, every one from the highest to the lowest having turned out to witness and do honour to the departure. Major Macpherson has now been amongst us for some considerable time, and during that period, whether considered in his public or private capacity, has gained the esteem and affection of every one in the district. His destination is Norfolk Island ; his very amiable lady, whose departure also is most sincerely and universally regretted), and family accompany him. From the very short notice of his departure, it was impossible to get up any public demonstration on the occasion, as was earnestly wished; suffice to say, that the public feeling of affectionate regard was fully evinced by the people advancing, desirous of carrying the Major shoulder high to the boat,--which honour, however, he modestly declined- probably bearing in mind, too, what occurred on a former occasion of a similar nature, in another part of the world, when, his bearers, losing their footing, caused likely by the no small bulk they had to support, both he and they, to the no small amusement of the beholders, got well ducked in the watery element. The embarkation was followed by the loud and deafening cheers of the assembled crowd on the quay, which continued at intervals till the steamer, which lay in the offing, moved off, and as long as she was within hail.

174530 MacPherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 29 August 1842 Sydney SMH
Major Macpherson and family passengers on the Isabella Watson from Hobart to Sydney

174531 MacPherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 13 May 1845 Sydney SMH
The head quarters of HM 99th regt. are to embark on the British Sovereign at the Circular Wharf bound for Auckland accompanied by the following officers. Lieut-Col Despard, Brevet Major Macpherson, Lieut. Beattie, Lieut Dearing, Ensign Blackburn and simmons

174535 Macpherson (McPherson) Major Ewen - 10 September 1855 Newcastle SMH
MACPHERSON TESTIMONIAL.-.The committee and a number of the subscribers met, on Wednesday last, the 6th instant, at twelve oclock, at the Military Barracks, for the purpose of presenting to Colonel Macpherson an address and testimonial, expressive of the feelings entertained toward him on the occasion of his departure from Newcastle. On the arrival of the subscribers at the residence of J. E. Stacy, Esq., where, since the breaking up his own establishment consequent on hie departure, the Colonel has been staying, they were met by Dr. Stacy, who read the address to Colonel Macpherson, and presented him with the testimonial. The address was warmly and with much taste responded to by the gallant Colonel, who during the delivery of his reply evidently struggled hard to repress his rising emotions. The ceremony being over, the subscribers were invited by Dr. Stacy into an adjoining room, where refreshments had been prepared, und the company spent a short period in the intercharge of social and appropriate sentiments. The chair was occupied by the worthy host, who, as the opening toast, gave the Queen, which was followed by that of our Allies, the French, and others. In responding to his health, which was enthusiastically given, Colonel Macpherson briefly referred to the ties of regard which would ever bind him to the inhabitants of Newcastle. In return for his own health, Dr. Stacy expressed the pleasure the occasion had afforded I him in aiding in any way to give effect to the expression of the universal good-will towards Colonel Macpherson, and in the opportunity it had given him of meeting the gentlemen present. After a few other appropriate toasts, the company separated. The presentation consisted of a silver salver, coffee-pot, and service, which cost 116. DEPARTURE OF COLONEL MACPHERSON - Yesterday Colonel Macpherson took his final departure from Newcastle, in the Hunter steamer, for Sydney. A large number of the citizens had assembled on the wharf to pay the colonel a parting tribute of respect ; the assemblage testifying how general was that regard in which he had been held by the inhabitants

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