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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
88376 Lynch Rev - 1841 27 February Ranfurly Terrace FP
Rented a brick built cotage from Dr. Mallon for 40 pounds per annum. Other tennants at Ranfurly Terrace included Mr. Lett, Mrs. Liddell's Ladies' Academy and the surgeon's residence

53682 Lynch Rev. - 1843 7 October West Maitland MM
Additional subscription for building St. John the Baptist's Church

22433 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1846 27 June Maitland MM
President of Total Abstinence Soceity

23272 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1846 16 September - MM
Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund

26728 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1847 6 February Maitland MM
Introduced to the Governor, Sir Charles Fitzroy

33110 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1847 21 July West Maitland MM
Addressed tea party meeting for the relief of distress in Ireland and Scotland. Held in the Timple of Concord

41317 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1848 10 May Singleton MM
Presided at the Total Abstinence Tea Party

49377 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1848 22 November West Maitland MM
Celebrated Mass in Armidale. Administered pledge of total abstinence to 40 people

51439 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1849 21 February Maitland MM
Officiating Minister at the marriage of Michael Doyle and Mary Dalton

58253 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1846 11 November Sydney MM
Paid 100 pounds to John Bell in settlement for work done on Maitland Church. Bell later committed for trial for embezzling money

59448 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1849 22 December Maitland MM
Member of catholic school board.

60251 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1849 5 December Armidale MM
Gave sermon and administered pledge of temperance to a number of people on his route through Liverpool Plains, Namoi, and Peel. Left Armidale to travel to Maitland via Port Macquarie

73176 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1850 16 March West Maitland MM
Chairing St. John's Total Abstinence Society grand musical entertainment in honor of ST. Patrick's Day

73662 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1850 17 April Guardian Angels Chapel, Paterson MM
Marriage of P. Comerford of the Barwin to Ellen, eldest daughter of Edward Kealy of Summer Hill, Paterson River on 11th April. Officiating minister Rev. Dean Lynch

75215 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1850 15 June St. John's Church West Maitland MM
Marriage of Charles John Cridland of Hinton to Miss Mary Ann Ryan, eldest daughter of John Ryan of West Maitland on 10th June. Officiating minister Rev. Dean Lynch

78194 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1850 14 September East Maitland MM
Present at Anti transportation meeting held at the court house

79481 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1850 23 October West Maitland MM
To give a charity sermon on 27th Oct. at St. John's Church in aid of Sydney Benevolent Asylum

79526 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1850 30 October Wollombi MM
24 hrs visit to Wollombi; actively employed in his pastoral interest - marrying, baptising and enrolling half a dozen to the total abstinence list

80152 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1850 27 November West Maitland MM
Attended confirmation ceremony at St. John's Church

81397 Lynch Rev. Dean - 1851 15 January - MM
On Board of Roman Catholic School

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