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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
176876 Lowe Lieut. Nathaniel - 17 September 1828 Launceston SG
Married - At Launceston on 4th September, by Special License, Nathaniel Lowe Esq.k ( of the 40th regiment and Tully in Ireland) to Elizabeth, second daughter of the Hon. Edward Abbott, Civil Commandant of Port Dalrymple

17584 Lowe Lieutenant Nathanial - 1826 1 August Wallis Plains -
40th Regiment. Charged with the murder of Aborigine Jacky Jacky

63420 Lowe Lieutenant Nathaniel - 1826 23 February Wallis Plains The Australian
Detachment of mounted police under Lieutenant Lowe of 40th reg. arrived at Wallis Plains

63596 Lowe Lieutenant Nathaniel - 1827 23 May - The Australian
40th regiment. Found not guilty of the murder of native Jackey Jackey

78357 Lowe Lieutenant Nathaniel - 1826 24 June Patrick Plains Australian
With a party of mounted police, in pursuit of natives who murdered government servants of Dr. Bowman's

162561 Lowe Lieutenant Nathaniel - 28 July 1826 Hunter River The Monitor
The black Newcastle native who murdered the man at Dr. Bowman's farm, was shot by a party of the mounted police last week

168030 Lowe Lieutenant Nathaniel - 6 March 1829 Hobart Colonial Times Hobart
Juryman in the cases of John Salmon and David Brown

168031 Lowe Lieutenant Nathaniel - 11 May 1827 Newcastle SG
Private examination took place at the Police Office at Sydney in the case of Lieutenant Lowe who was accused of originating the death of a black native 'at Newcastle.. Lieut. Lowe is a gentleman universally esteemed for his mildness and humanity and he had great difficulty to encounter from the hostile and ferocious conduct of the blacks at the time the transaction is said to have taken place'

168032 Lowe Lieutenant Nathaniel - 23 May 1827 - The Australian
Nathaniel Lowe a Lieutenant in his Majesty's 40th regiment stood indicted for the wilful murder of native black named Jackey Jackey alias Commandant alias Jeffery at Wallis Plains in August 1826. The Jury retired for about five minutes and returned with a verdict of not guilty. Loud and general applause accompanied this announcement of the verdict. The numerous friends of Lieut. Lowe crowded round to congratulate him on the happy termination of the trial. A second burst of applause was given as he triumphantly left the court

5962 Lowe Nathaniel - 1827 18 May Wallis Plains R v. Lowe - SC
Lieutenant in 40th Regiment indicted for murder of Aboriginal Jacky Jacky

5980 Lowe Nathaniel - 1827 18 May - R v. Lowe - SC
Found not guilty

176877 Lowe Nathaniel - 6 March 1829 Hobart Colonial Times, Hobart
Jury member at Supreme Court

176878 Lowe Nathaniel - 9 May 1854 Jersey The Courier (Hobart)
Death - at Jersey, 16th January 1854, wife of Nathaiel Lowe Esquire and second daughter of the late Major Abbott

176879 Lowe Nathaniel - 23 October 1875 Canada Sydney Morning Herald
Death - During April, in Canada, Nathaniel Lowe Esq., of Lowville, Late of H.M. 40th regiment, served at Waterloo and at the occupation of Paris by the Allies, grandson of the late Right Hon. Richard Hamilton Viscount Boyne, and uncle of Hamilton Lowe, Esq. of H.M. Customs in this city