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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
4691 Livesay Captain - 1842 9 April - HRG
Of the barque Matilda

60987 Livesay Captain - 1839 20 July - SG
Commander of sailing ship 'Pyramus'

168180 Livesay Captain George - October 1837 England The United Services Magazine - Correspondence
The Pyramus, bark, of 367 tons, Mr. George Livesay, Master, came alongside the Dockyard on the 17th inst., being laden with cowdie timber, from New Zealand, for Her Majesty's service. As far as I have been able to ascertain, a favourable opinion obtains here respecling the general fitness of this description of timber for mast purposes; but it seems that the Dockyard people have but a very imperfect knowledge of its qualities from their own experience. As soon as the Pyramus has discharged her cargo, she will be surveyed by the Dockyard officers, and, if found fit, will be taken up for the conveyance of troops to Barbadoes.

168181 Livesay Captain George - 11 February 1837 Sydney SG
Departed for London via New Zealand with colonial produce six days previously

168182 Livesay Captain George - 8 May 1840 Sydney Sydney Monitor
We understand that Captain Livesay of the Pyramus, and two of his men narrowly escaped a watery grave on Tueday last, having been cap sized from a boat. They were rescued by Pilot Thompkins. The steward who had been brought up from infancy by Captain L. was drowned, and Captain Livesay on being lifted into the boat fell Into a violent fit, and was compelled to be lashed down.

168179 Livesay Captain George George Hibbert 1834 16 December 1834 - The Pilot's Magazine ( Google Books)
Extract of a letter from Captain Livesay to a House in London regarding the devotedness of Rev. John Saunders

168178 Livesay Captain George N - 28 June 1848 - SMH
Commander of the ship China. Gave evidence before Select Committee regarding Steam Communication with England.

41323 Livesay Mrs. G.N - 1848 10 May Sydney MM
Gave birth to a son on board the ship 'China'