Free Settler or Felon?
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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
24348 Levien Alfred - 1846 30 September Singleton MM
Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund

35948 Levien Alfred - 1847 2 October West Maitland MM
Candle Manufactory opposit the Catholic Chapel

71953 Levien Alfred - 1850 2 January Maitland MM
Spirit Merchant License

73119 Levien Alfred - 1850 13 March Maitland MM
Witness in court case of McCartney v. Cheesborough

74968 Levien Alfred - 1850 29 May Maitland MM
George Suggate per 'Randolph' sentenced to 3mths imprisonment for breach of employment agreement with Levien

75161 Levien Alfred - 1846 18 February Singleton MM
Organised subscription for Dr. Vallack to pay fine for an assault on Henry Bailey. 100 subscribers

80943 Levien Alfred - 1851 1 January - MM
Gave subscription for the relief of the family of the late William Hall of West Maitland

81909 Levien Alfred - 1851 12 February Maitland MM
Granted Spirit Merchants license

83840 Levien Alfred - 1851 4 June Maitland MM
Offering reward to any person who finds a remunerative gold field in any locality beneficial to the town of Maitland

85059 Levien Alfred - 1851 16 August Maitland MM
Campaigning for George Robert Nichols to represent the Northumberland Boroughs in the Legislative Council

85500 Levien Alfred - 1851 3 September West Maitland MM
William James McDonald's publican's license for the Rose Inn transferred to Alfred Levien

85834 Levien Alfred - 1851 17 September West Maitland MM
Commenced business in the newly re furnished 'Rose Inn'. One of the oldest inhabitants in Maitland

88302 Levien Alfred - 1852 14 February Maitland MM
Charged James Hayward under the Masters & Servants Act after he absconded from service

88809 Levien Alfred - 1852 6 March Maitland MM
Of the Rose Inn and having 'leisure time', advertising to act as agent. Had resided in Maitland for 18 years

88880 Levien Alfred - 1852 10 March Maitland MM
Claim for wages by Charles Fan. Claim awarded as Levien did not appear

89444 Levien Alfred - 1852 21 April West Maitland MM
Alfred Levien granted publican's license for the Rose Inn

89998 Levien Alfred - 1852 29 May Maitland MM
John Walsh sentenced to 6wks in prison after being charged under the Masters & Servants Act by Alfred Levien

91088 Levien Alfred - 1852 3 July Rose Inn, West Maitland MM
Death of George, aged 4yrs, third son of Alfred Levien

91221 Levien Alfred - 1852 14 July Maitland MM
John Walsh charged Alfred Levien under the Masters & Servants Act for wages owed. Case dismissed by the bench

99285 Levien Alfred - 1853 20 April West Maitland MM
Alfred Levien's application for a publican's license for the Rose Inn postponed 3 wks to allow for the stabling to be repaired

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