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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
105196 Ledge William - - Watt Street, Newcastle 1820 to 1890 Family Register Book of Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle, Record 37-40
Born London 1799.

117685 Ledge William - 1837 9 May Puen Buen. Invermein SG
Storekeeper at John Bingle's Puen Buen. Witness at the trial of Bingle and William Wear

174583 Ledge William - 1855 Address - Watt Street Newcastle. Salary NMH
On a list of electors in the police district of Newcastle who had the right to vote for elections in the county of Northumberland in 1855. Printed in the Newcastle Morning Herald 19 July 1911

42477 Ledge William Henry Layton 1829 1838 9 January Invermein SG
Obtained Ticket of Leave

63473 Ledgerwood Constable William - 1838 9 January Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Witness when publican John Rowell was found guilty of tippling in his public house

63548 Ledgerwood Constable William - 1838 6 February Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Charged James Sheldon per 'Royal Charlotte' with being drunk and striking a constable with a stone

82514 Ledgerwood Constable William - 1851 12 March Hexham MM
Constable at Hexham.Apprehended George Walton on the road from Newcastle

125039 Ledgerwood Constable William - 1837 15 December Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Awoke publican John Rowell to tell him the lantern had extinguished outside Rowell's public house

133237 Ledgerwood Constable William - 1838 3 August Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Apprehended Ann Hassett on a charge of insolence. Case dismissed

140161 Ledgerwood Constable William - 1838 26 December Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AO NSW Reel 2722
James Ryan, William Blake and Peter Fleming all charged with assaulting Constable William Ledgerwood when he attempted to arrest them. Ryan, the ringleader was sentenced to 12 months in irons and the others to 100 lashes each

180322 Ledgerwood Constable William - 15 January 1848 Hexham Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions Letter Book
Correspondence to Constable Ledgerwood- Complaints having been made by Mr. Child of Hexham to the effect that great irregularities and gross breaches of the licensing act are practised at the Half Way Public House kept by James (?Jesse) Hannell and the same are allowed to pass unchecked and unobserved. You are required to exercise a more strict superintendence over the House in question and to use your best exertions to put a stop to the nuisance chiefly complained of -ie allowing servants to be idle and drunk on the premises and Sunday trading with liquor

156224 Ledgerwood John William - 1842 7 August Hexham Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Baptism of John William, son of William and Julia Ledgerwood (born 21 July 1842)

165994 Ledgerwood John William - 22 January 1844 Maitland Registers of Coroners' Inquests and Magisterial Inquiries (Ancestry)
Accidentally drowned

156239 Ledgerwood Julia and William - 1846 13 December Hexham Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
Baptism of Julia, daughter of Julia and William Ledgerwood

10468 Ledgerwood William - 1841 Newcastle District 1841 Census Index
Hexham, 3

21967 Ledgerwood William - 1831 4 November - R V Foley. Supreme Court Records
Waterman living on the farm of Francis Mitchell

24458 Ledgerwood William - 1846 3 October - MM
Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund

53986 Ledgerwood William - 1837 3 January Newcastle BB
Free. Witness in court case of James Robinson

53992 Ledgerwood William - 1837 3 January Newcastle BB
Charged T/L holder Joseph Butler with breach of agreement. Case dismissed

75516 Ledgerwood William - 1850 14 August ?Newcastle MM
Charged Patrick Dunn with cutting down trees on land belonging to A.W. Scott

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