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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
9897 Last Major - 1843 2 December Newcastle MM
Soldier of the 99th Regiment.

11230 Last Major - 1844 13 April Newcastle MM

18455 Last Major - 1845 13 September Newcastle MM
Present at a meeting at the Court House to propose that a Benevolent Asylum is necessary for Newcastle

18997 Last Major - 1845 8 November Newcastle MM
Ordered military to attempt capture of escaped prisoner

19929 Last Major - 1846 7 January Newcastle MM
Recalled to Sydney

19984 Last Major - 1846 14 January Newcastle MM
Left Newcastle for Sydney in the Steamer 'Rose'

20112 Last Major - 1846 24 January Newcastle MM
Leaving Newcastle to fight in Maori wars in New Zealand

20270 Last Major - 1846 10 January Newcastle MM
Commandant of Stockade to be replaced by Major MacPherson

50001 Last Major - 1846 5 September New Zealand MM
Major Last and the force under his command said to have behaved in the most gallant and daring manner in the engagement with Rangihaeata

50856 Last Major - 1849 24 January Hobart MM
Present at Hobart wharf when the 'Sea Nymph', recently arrived from NZ caught fire

51749 Last Major - 1846 20 June New Zealand MM
Account of the battle at the river Hutt

73845 Last Major - 1846 17 January - MM
Major Last and the detachment under his command departed Sydney on the brig Lloyds for NZ

74358 Last Major - 1843 25 February Sydney CO
Head Quarters of the 99th regt. Arrived in Sydney by the ship Earl Grey under command of Major Last

174154 Last Major - 23 November 1910 Newcastle NMH
Correspondence in December 1845 from Major Crummer to the Colonial Secretary regarding an altercation between convict George Pope and Lance Sergeant Tracey of the 99th regiment who was employed as one of the overseers in charge of the prisoners in irons working on the breakwater. Tracey resided near the workshops on the hill adjoining the Signal Station... George Pope was requested by John Smith to secure some of his horses being driven away by Sergeant Tracey and an altercation took place. Major Crummer requested advice on the matter as George Pope had never been brought into question in the four years he had been at Newcastle. Major Last also gave Tracey a high character

180084 Last Major - 24 February 1845 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions Letter Book
Letter 45/22. Correspondence re James Cavenagh per James Pattison and William McGee per John who were then at Nobbys Island and a request to interrogate them respecting the innocence or guilt of John Murphy who had been convicted at Campbell Town Quarter Sessions of killing a calf. The prisoners were questioned by Major Last who was in charge of No. 3 Stockade at Newcastle

12124 Last Major Edward - 1844 6 July Maitland MM
of 99th Regiment of Foot. Appointed Magistrate.

12252 Last Major Edward - 1844 13 July - MM
Of 99th Regiment. Took oath as Magistrate.

112135 Last Major Edward - 1844 21 June Newcastle GG
Appointed Assistant Engineer at Newcastle

125614 Last Major Edward - 1844 9 July Newcastle GG
99th regiment. Appointed Assistant Engineer at Newcastle Stockade

132175 Last Major Edward - 1829 22 May - A List of the Officers of the Army and of the Corps of Royal Marines
Date of appointment as Captain

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