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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
71222 Landers Maurice (Morris) - 1819 Oct - Dec Newcastle Convict Settlement
Gaoler at Newcastle settlement

162325 Landers Morris - January 1820 Newcastle Evidence before J.T. Bigge
Evidence of Morris Landers, Gaoler at Newcastle. 1. How long have you been in your present situation? About ten months. 2. Are you a prisoner? I am a prisoner for life. 3. What is your pay or allowance? I have no pay, but 1 have a ration and a half and the indulgence of a government man. 4. How do you employ the government man? He works for a settler who allows me seven shillings per week and he [the settler] gets his [the convict's] ration. 5. What is the number of prisoners now confined in the gaol? Sixty six and of these twelve are sick. 6. Is this the ordinary number? It is, sometimes I have more and sometimes less. 7. Is it the custom to confine prisoners in the gaol gang for some time after they arrive till their characters are known? It is when they arrive with bad characters from Sydney or have long sentences. 8. How many persons are employed under you in the gaol? Three but I formerly had four. 130 9. Are they all prisoners in the settlement? They are. 10. How many rooms are there for the prisoners? Four for the male prisoners and one for the females. 11. Who keeps the keys of the gaol? I do in the day time and the Chief Constable at night, 12. Who visits the gaol during the day? The public clerks visit the gaol at noon, day and day about to see the provisions issued out and to make a report to the Commandant. The Chief Constable visits the gaol at sunset to muster the gaol gang. 13. Are prisoners confined in the gaol for punishment? They are committed to sleep in gaol at nights for punishment and are sometimes confined in solitary cells. 14. Are there any trucks [truckle beds] or garbets [?] in the gaol for the prisoners to sleep upon? None, 15. Then they sleep on the floor? They do, 16. Are they allowed to go out at night to the privy? They are not. They use tubs. 17. Do they complain of being much crowded? They do sometimes. 131 18. Do they bring bedding with them? Some few do so. In the winter the Commandant allows them straw. 19. Where do they cook their provisions? In one of the rooms, which is the largest, where also the corn mill is. They use, however, all the rooms for their 2 private cooking, 20. How often is the gaol washed? Three times a week at least. 21. How often is it white-washed? Once a month. 22. Does the Commandant often visit the gaol?

162321 Landers Morris Frederick 1815 17 May 1817 Newcastle CSI (Reel 6005; 4/3496 p.150)
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per "Lady Nelson"

162322 Landers Morris Frederick 1815 1821 Newcastle CSI (Fiche 3209; 4/1863 p.11)
Keeper of H.M. Gaol at Newcastle. Petition for conditional pardon

168699 Landers Morris Frederick 1815 11 July 1814 - Convic Indents
Tried at Madras 14 July 1814 and sentenced to transportation for life. Native of Limerick, Occupation carpenter. Age 25. 5ft 10in