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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
167947 Lady Nelson (vessel) - - 1800 - Memoirs of Hydrography. Entry for Lieutenant James Grant
The voyage of discovery of Lieutenant Grant, apparently undertaken with less than the usual amount of high patronage, has, in consequence, been greatly overlooked; it was singular in more respects than one. Captain Schank R.N., seems to have been in about the year 1800, a strong advocate for building small vessels in watertight compartments, and with sliding keels or centre boards. Under his direction the Lady Nelson of 60 tons was ordered to be so fitted, and the ultimate service allotted to her, was that of exploring the sea limits of the territory of New South Wales

175109 Lady Nelson (vessel) - - 6 September 1817 - SG
Benjamin Waterhouse, former mate of the Lady Nelson killed by natives near Port Stephens

77117 Vessel Lady Nelson - - 1801 9 June Hunter River HR NSW. Vol IV. Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802 Ed. by F. M. Bladen.  pp 390 - 1
Lieut. James Grant directed by Gov. King to take the Lady Nelson to Hunter River

77169 Vessel Lady Nelson - - 1804 1 April Newcastle SG
Vessel taking Lieut. Menzies, James Mileham, Mr. Bauer, to the new settlement at Newcastle

77336 Vessel Lady Nelson - - 1809 21 May Hunter River SG
Arrived in Sydney from the Hunter River with coals and cedar for govt.