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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
9640 Blackey Private - 1843 11 November Newcastle MM
99th Regiment . Committed for trial with Private Tuett for cruel assault on Constable John Rinker

12868 Lackey - - 1844 21 September East Maitland MM

18996 Lackey Constable - 1845 8 November Newcastle MM
Gaol Constable. Captured escaped prisoner

180183 Lackey Constable - 10 November 1845 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions Letter Book
Letter 45/131. Correspondence from Magistrate Major Crummer re the escape of John Taylor, free, committed for trial, from the Newcastle gaol. His escape was effected without the knowledge of the officers of the gaol and might have remained a secret but for the unusual appearance of slabs being found against the wall of the airing yard which created suspicion as the precautionary measure of calling the roll of the prisoners upon their transfer to and from the airing yard previous to the constable taking charge of them had not then been adopted by the present gaoler or his predecessor Mr. Field. The constable William Nelson had no reason to believe the prisoner was conniving to escape. The plank found against the wall which assisted the prisoner in his escape were up from the lining of the brick platform in the yard but even without this assistance the state of the interior face of the wall of the airing yard affords very great facility for escape as the bricks are so decomposed as to present sure parting to any prisoner of activity disposed to take advantage of any favourable opportunity that should present itself for escaping. This state of the walls of the prison yard has been represented and reports sent in to the Colonial Architect some time back but without the desired result and I feel confident that had the wall been in a proper state of repair that the present occurrence would not have to be recorded. The prisoner was captured and taken back to the gaol by Constable Lackey in the course of a few hours

58946 Lackey Major - 1849 10 October Maitland MM
Dismissed from position of principal Turnkey at Maitland gaol after the escape of prisoners Davidson and Smith

84757 Lackey Major - 1851 2 August - MM
At the Turon gold fields