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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
39382 King Captain Philip Gidley - 1848 8 March Port Stephens MM
Accompanied Mounted Police in their search through the bush for Darby who had assaulted a young girl

140901 King George B. Gidley - 1871 20 November Goonoo Goonoo SMH
Wife gave birth to a daughter on 16th November 1871

10290 King Philip Gidley - 1844 24 February Peel River MM
Wrote letter to paper stating that the bushranger W. Baker had not been captured.

11610 King Philip Gidley - 1844 11 May Stroud MM

25371 King Philip Gidley - 1846 11 November Port Stephens MM
Subscriber for the Irish Relief Fund

41907 King Philip Gidley - 1848 10 June Manning River MM
Member of party sent to Manning river to apprehend two blacks wanted for the rape of a girl on Australian Agricultural company estate

74172 King Philip Gidley - 1842 17 August Stroud CO
Appointed Magistrate of the territory

81191 King Philip Gidley - 1851 11 January Stroud MM
Gave character reference to John Kennedy

81732 King Philip Gidley - 1851 5 February Stroud MM
Correspondence re George Pile and his loss of an appeal

82700 King Philip Gidley - 1851 29 March Stroud MM
Present at the annual meeting of the Port Stephens District Association of the Newcastle Church Society

85557 King Philip Gidley - 1851 3 September Stroud MM
Requesting that Captain P.P. King allow himself to be nominated as representative in the Legislative Council for the counties of Gloucester and Macquarie

86542 King Philip Gidley - 1851 29 October Port Stephens MM
On list printed in the Gazette for New Commission of the Peace

96421 King Philip Gidley - 1852 1 December Stroud MM
Appointed Philip Gidley King //Assistant Superintendent of A.A. Company

97879 King Philip Gidley - 1853 23 February Port Stephens Mm
Addressed meeting at the annual meeting of the Port Stephens District Assoc., a branch of the Newcastle church society

97938 King Philip Gidley - 1853 26 February Port Stephens MM
Magistrate Williams v. Boland

99771 King Philip Gidley - 1853 7 May Morpeth MM
Appointed to the committee of the Newcastle Church Society at the annual meeting held at Morpeth

102616 King Philip Gidley - 1853 6 July Stroud MM
Wife gave birth to a son on 2nd July

110670 King Philip Gidley - 1854 14 January - MM
Assistant General Superintendent. Notice re horse missing from the Goonoo Goonoo paddocks

116568 King Philip Gidley - 1854 29 March - MM
Appointed General Superintendent of the Peel river Land and Mineral Company on completion of the transfer of the Peel River Estate from the A.A. Company

122108 King Philip Gidley - 1844 5 April Stroud, Port Stephens SMH
Wife gave birth to a son

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