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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
60653 King Captain Phillip Parker - 1839 23 March - SG
Appointed Commissioner of A.A. Company in room of the late Col. Dumaresq

133315 King Captain Phillip Parker - 1839 31 May Port Stephens This errant lady: Jane Franklin's overland journey to Port Philip and Sydney p. 136
Visited by Lady Franklin. 'Captain King was older in appearance and much older in manner than Lady Franklin expected to find. He was very quiet, but desirous to be kind'

161218 King Captain Phillip Parker - December 1818 - Google Books
In the beginning of 1817, among the numerous voyages of survey and discovery upon which a part of the navy of Great Britain was so honorably and so usefully employed, the unexplored coasts of Australia were not forgotten. An expedition for the purpose of completing the survey of its north and north-west coast was planned, under the joint direction of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty and the Secretary of State for the Colonies, to the command of which Lieutenant King had the honor of being appointed. The arrangements for providing him with a vessel and crew were made by the latter department. On the 5th February., Lieut. King received his appointment, together with an order for a passage in the hired transport 'Dick', then about the convey H.M. 48th regiment from Cork to New South Wales, where she arrived on the 3rd September, after a passage from Ireland of 22 weeks, including a fortnight spent at Rio de Janeiro. The vessel appropriated to Lieut. King's use was the Mermaid, a cutter of 84 tons burden, built of teak, and not quite twelve months old; her length was 56 feet; breadth of beam 18 feet 6 inches; and she did not, when deep laden, draw more than 9 feet; the total number of her officers and crew was only eighteen, viz Lieut. King, commander; Messrs Frederick Bedwell and John Septimus Roe, master's mates, both of whom had accompanied him from England; Mr. Allan Cunningham, botanical collector; twelve seamen, and two boys. In addition to this establishment, Lieutenant King accepted the proffered services of Boongaree, a Port Jackson native, who had formerly accompanied Captain Flinders in the 'Investigator' and also on a previous occasion in the Norfolk schooner - Royal Naval Biography; Or, Memoirs of the Services of All the Flag-officers by John Marshall

133314 King Mrs. Phillip Parker - 1839 31 May Port Stephens This errant lady: Jane Franklin's overland journey to Port Philip and Sydney p. 136
Visited at Port Stephens by Lady Jane Franklin. Desribed by Lady Jane as 'ruddy in cheeks with grey hair. Captain King described as clever looking, serious, yet expression as if sly humour lurking there - a long peculiar nose which was exactly imitated in one lad of 14 or 15 and softened and beautified in a pretty little girl of 5 years old, 'Libby'

12766 King Phillip Parker - 1844 14 September Port Stephens MM
Commissioner for Australian Agricultural Co.

22931 King Phillip Parker - 1846 12 August Port Stephens MM
Commissioner for Australian Agricultural Company

43939 King Phillip Parker - 1848 26 July Tilligherry MM
Commissioner of Australian Agricultural Company. Announcing annual sale of rams at Tilligherry

47651 King Phillip Parker - 1846 25 February Port Stephens MM
County Commissioner for taking of affidavits and bail etc

50956 King Phillip Parker - 1849 27 January - MM
Resigned from position of Returning Officer for electoral district of Gloucester, Macquarie and Stanley

52846 King Phillip Parker - 1840 5 December Liverpool Plains SH
Offering reward for capture of thieves who robbed dray belonging to Australian Agricultural company

55356 King Phillip Parker - 1849 12 May Port Stephens MM
Appointed country Commissioner for taking of affidavits and bail and examination of witnesses

59195 King Phillip Parker - 1839 4 September - CJ
Advertising for stockmen of sober habits for Port Stephens and the muster of cattle at Liverpool Plains for Australian Agricultural company

75003 King Phillip Parker - 1850 1 June - MM
Appointed to be a member of the Legislative Council in lieu of Edward Hamilton, resigned

161215 King Phillip Parker - 1817 4 February - Google Books
In order to assist you in the care and use of the time keepers and instruments with which their Lordships have directed the Hydrographer of this department to furnish you, and to follow your orders in all other particulars relating to the service, my Lords have directed Messrs Frederick Bedwell and John Septimus Roe, two young gentlemen who have been recommended to them as peculiarly fitted to be of use to you, and for whose appointment you have expressed your wishes, to accompany you and to be under your command................ Narrative of a survey of the intertropical and western coasts of Australia; performed between the years 1818 and 1822by Philip Parker King - J.W. Croker to Lieut. P.P. King